All you should know about green coffee beans for weight loss

Green Coffee beans or raw coffee beans are the coffee seeds which have not been roasted. Roasting of the coffee beans reduces chemical chromogenic acid (CGA) from the beans. Raw or green coffee beans have higher level of CGA as compared to regular, roasted coffee beans. CGA in green coffee is thought to have health benefits for heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, and others.

Dr. Oz mentioned on his show in 2012 that Green coffee helps in weight loss after this, it became popular. The Dr. Oz show referred to it as “The green coffee bean that burns fat fast”. In the show, he claimed that no exercise and diet is required if you use the green coffee bean for weight loss.

So, let see how does it work?

Higher amount of CGA is thought to have health benefits. For weight loss, CGA in green coffee is thought to affect positively on blood sugar and metabolism which further increases weight loss process. It also helps in reducing and stopping fats that are not been able to consume by body as energy. It helps in increasing metabolic activity and hence enhances the burning of fats in an efficient manner. CGA is also helpful in hypertension as it may affect blood vessels which help blood pressure to lower.

How you feel after consuming green bean extract?

Well as the fat burning takes place in an efficient manner, your energy level boost up and you feel energetic. When internally the system functions well, on outer level body reflects positivity.


Easy to consume: As advanced technology and science has made it easy to detect and extract from the green coffee beans it has become easy to consume. While maintaining a simple change is life is easy, supplements are easily taken by men and women.

After consumption, extract may cause anxiety at first, however the changes are momentarily. After few hours you will feel normal and the anxiety will vanish. This happens as the body gets triggered by the CGA.

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Well, as metabolism performs well, weight loss takes place, it depends on person to person, for few it might be of few kilos in a month.

As body feels more energetic, it improves your productive hours and channelizes your thought process clearly.

Before consuming green coffee beans extract, there are few steps you should take like consult with a doctor first; it is important and crucial that your doctor’s consultation is must. You need to assure about your health first. You also need to check your sugar levels and if you are already on medications then it can trigger the negatives also. As these pills alleviates the blood pressure levels, so hypertension patients need to take care of their health and it is necessary to seek consultation from your medical service provider. It is not safe during pregnancy and even lactating mothers should avoid it. You need to gradually add and remove the extract from your diet as a sudden drop of supplement will give you withdrawal symptoms. Any anxiety or stomach problems you have, then you should avoid these supplements.

However, if your doctor allows consuming it, then with proper combination of these supplements and exercise will help you in losing weight.

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