Beauty of Women in Banarasi saree is praiseworthy

The Almighty has blessed the women with beauty. The beauty of a woman is not only reflected when she wear makeup but also through the type of dress she wears.  In India, sarees are the all-time favourite dress of Indian women. Saree is an elegant dress type for Indian women and you will be surprised to know that many female foreigners do not hesitate to try wearing sarees and get at least one for themselves. There is plethora of saree available in India which has been arrived from different parts of the country. Among different kinds of saree in India, banarasi saree is the most popular choice of the women. You will be amazed to know that all the Indian Women have atleast one Banarasi saree in their wardrobe.

The origination of Banarasi silk saree took place in the beautiful holy city of Banaras which is on the bank of river Ganga. This city is popular for its temples and the hand woven banarasi sarees. If you want to add the banarasi saree in your wardrobe, you do not have to compulsively visit Banaras. You can buy the famous banarasi saree from reputed saree stores in the country; even you can buy Banarasi saree online. There are several sites like Snapdeal that also offer you discount deals and offers so that you can make your purchase at cost effective prices. You can easily get the Jabong online for availing the money saving deals.

Elegant and classy Banarasi Saree

Distinctive designs, sensational embroidery, delicate brocade and intricate weaving are the features of the Banarasi silk saree.  They are elegant in appearance and make you look like a royal queen when you wear them. Banarasi saree are the prized possession of the Indian women as well as it is the part of the Indian weddings. These sarees are perfect to be worn on the wedding and other auspicious events. In addition, you can grab Paytm and can purchase the Banarasi silk saree at a lower price.

Varieties of Banarasi Sarees

There are few varieties of banarasi saree. The distinction is made on the basis of work done in the saree and the kind of material used in making Banarasi saree. The popular fabrics which combine with Banarasi saree are discussed in detail:

  • Georgette Banarasi Saree: Georgette is the most popular and comfortable fabric which is used for making banarasi saree.  Banarasi georgette sarees are the all-weather sarees which are available in different colours and shades.
  • Silk Banarasi Saree: Silk is the most prominent fabric which is preferred for making sarees.  This fabric is lustrous, smooth and soft for making saree. Banarasi Silk sarees are really the masterpiece of the hand woven sarees. When you buy online Banarasi silk saree, you can easily compare the designs and colors of the saree at different online stores.

Price range of Banarasi Saree

Banarasi saree are crafted traditionally and made from the pure silk or resham which is of superior quality than the Chinese silk. In some sarees you will find the real silver and golden thread is used to make the designs thus, it is natural to costs high. Therefore, the price of Banarasi saree is quite more than the other types of sarees.

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