Buying a hospitalization plan? Here’s the info just you need.  

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Let’s face it, there’s nothing more important than your health and the well-being of your family. You’d do anything to keep them healthy and protected but life is unpredictable. The best thing for you is to prepare for any medical emergency to protect your family. And a great way to start is by opting for a health insurance plan. The question is which one is apt for you. Here are some of the different types of plans

Hospitalization Plans

Need to be admitted to a hospital because of an illness or emergency? Need hospitalization expenses? This is just the plan for you. It reimburses your medical costs at the hospital depending on the health insurance plan and sum insured. It can save your life and money in medical emergencies.

Family floater Plans
It is like a one-stop shop for your health needs as it provides coverage for your entire family. The word floater here means that it can be used for any family member at the time of a medical emergency. Plus, you can also combine the sum insured of others in your family and use it for someone in a medical emergency.

Senior Citizens Plans
Mostly useful for those who need health during old age. Did you know as per the latest IRDAI guidelines, it is mandatory for a health insurer to provide medical coverage to people up to the age of 65 years?

Maternity Plans

Maternity expenses can really hurt your pocket. To cover this major expense for parents-to-be, health insurers provide coverage for maternity and other prenatal and post-natal expenses.

 Critical Illness Plans

Critical illnesses like cancer or heart attack can be very expensive and literally wipe-off all your savings and financial goals. That’s why there are special critical illness plans, which safeguard you against these diseases and pays you a lump sum on diagnosis, which can help you with treatment.

What’s right for you?

While most of these plans cater to needs, if you are looking for the right health insurance policy for you or your family, we suggest you take a look at the first two types of plans.

So which one do I go for?

That might be your next question considering that there are many plans out there in the market. Well, guess what we have not one but three fantastic plans for your varying health needs. Hospitalization plans are mostly about pre and post-treatment expenses and cashless treatment. These features are now a given. It’s time to relook at hospitalization plans features that are beyond the obvious. Just like Max Bupa’s latest hospitalization plans

Time to get active rather GoActive

Max Bupa’s GoActive is a unique plan that not only believes in covering your hospitalization expenses but also takes care of your wellness and helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. How does it do that? By rewarding you for being fit and healthy. All you have to do is to choose from a comprehensive list of health goals and benefits. And guess what? It’s great for your pocket and family as it covers you, your spouse and 4 children. Now that’s one happy and healthy family. Here are some of the key benefits of GoActive:

I-protect option

Increase your sum Insured by 10% of the Base Sum on renewal year on year until you opt out of the facility

Health Coach

Probably, the first-of-its-kind, the GoActive insurance plan helps you chooses a personalized health coach to keep yourself fit and healthy. Not just that, the health coach will mark you with a score, which can lead to a discount of up to 20% of the base premium. You couldn’t have asked for a better coach.

Health companion for your nuclear family

If you are looking for an ideal plan for a nuclear family, then Health Companion is right health insurance plan for you. A direct claim settlement, cashless facility, and assured plan renewal for life are some of the key benefits. Other benefits include:

Assured renewal for life

Once insured under this plan, you’ll always remain the customer of Max Bupa subject to timely payment of the premium. Plus, there is no extra loading or costs based on your claim history.

Alternative Treatments

With alternative therapies growing by the day, this plan covers other therapies rather than just traditional medical treatments. This includes Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani and Siddha.

Free Look

Not happy with certain clauses or policies of your health insurance policy? You can cancel your policy within 15 days stating your reason and we’ll be glad to help. No questions asked.

Cash Flow

Hospital treatments are at an all-time high. A patient has to incur miscellaneous cash expenses while being treated. This plan covers you for all that by paying you Rs. 2000 cash per day for 30 days after the treatment.

A plan for your family’s heartbeat

The Heartbeat Plan

Imagine a plan that offers coverage for up to 19 relationships! That too with an individual sum insured for everyone plus a floating sum insured to protect any family member. We’re talking about the heartbeat plan. Sounds like one great plan for those large or joint Indian families. After all, your dreams and aspirations are based on the wellness and happiness of every member of your family. Here are its salient features:

Plenty of room for everyone

Unlike many other plans, you are not restricted by any room category in the family floater plan. Stay as per your convenience or choice.

Global Health Support

Not just India, this plan covers you for international treatments for specific illnesses up to the amount insured. This covers cancers, heart Attack, major organ transplant, stroke

Coronary Angioplasty, brain surgery and other procedures. For countries like USA and Canada, you’ll be required to pay an extra premium.

Second Opinion

Want to get a second opinion from a doctor? No problem, we provide coverage for that too.

Going to the hospital is the last thing on your mind but the next time you go to buy or renew a hospitalization plan, ask yourself a question? Whether you are getting more benefits beyond just hospitalization expenses? So, think about these 3 great plans and protect yourself and family today with the very best in health insurance.


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