Crucial benefits of the VPS Hosting India Provider Services

Business owners in India are in need of an affordable yet feature rich hosting solutions.  They want something more than what shared hosting offers as it has many features that hamper growing business requirements. But they are not yet ready for the dedicated server as they find it beyond their budget and may also leaves many resources unutilized. VPS hosting India plans is ideal for these companies.

What is VPS and how does it work?

VPS stands for virtual private servers. It is a cluster of smaller virtual servers formed out of splitting of a large powerful dedicated server. Each of the virtual servers has independent resources like in a dedicated server. They have a choice of operating system and are given a dedicated IP address. They share the server like in a shared hosting. The VPS hosting India provider takes responsibility for the maintenance and management of the server like in shared hosting. Shared hosting is the most affordable as it has several websites sharing the server while dedicated hosting is the most expensive as it has only one customer availing the entire server resources. Somewhere in between comes the VPS server that is far more affordable than dedicated server but matching in facilities and features. It is more expensive than the shared server but overcomes all the limitations that the latter has.

Self managed or fully managed hosting:

Another advantage of VPS hosting India over shared hosting is it allows complete root access and server control to the clients. At such times the clients have the liberty to install any software application beneficial for their business. But they have to manage the server maintenance on their own with their technical team. This is known as self-managed hosting. The host also provides fully managed services where all the server issues and maintenance is done by them and gives the clients more time to focus on their core business.

There are considerable features that clients can benefit from with VPS hosting India plans.

  • Customizable: VPS clients have the liberty to install any software application that they find necessary for their business.
  • Reliable: Even if one of the server fails due to some reason the client’s website continues to run without affecting the performance as resources are drawn from the other servers
  • Stable: Being independent of each other, the client’s website is not affected even if a neighboring website draws more resources at peak times.
  • Privacy and security: Being the lone entity on the allocated server space, the clients get an isolated environment with assured privacy. Since they have own independent mail server and IP address they are safe from hackers and spammers.
  • Support: The host extends round the clock technical support. They are responsible for server maintenance, monitoring and security patches.

Advantages over Dedicated server:

The biggest advantage over dedicated server is its saving on resources. With VPS hosting India clients can start with minimum of resources and increase their resource requirements as their business grows. Small business that are not sure of their exact resource requirements are benefitted here. They need not go in for the high costing dedicated server where they need to buy all the resources and may leave them unutilized and wasting them.  Another advantage is that the resources are available instantly in VPS at the click of the button but in dedicated hosting resources have to be physically added by human hand and it thus take at least a few minutes.

Choice of operating system:

VPS hosting India providers offers their plans in both Linux and Windows operating system. Websites running on ASP.Net technologies and MSSQL database need Windows operating system while Linux OS is preferred for websites using language scripts like PHP, Python, MySQL database. Linux is open source and more affordable than the Microsoft owned Windows.

The cheap VPS hosting provider in India ensures there is no compromise on the quality of products and services. Clients are assured of dedicated support and customer services and high performance.

Green hosting:

Several websites do their business sharing only one server. This means the consumption of energy is only from one source like in dedicated server. But several businesses are benefitted in VPS hosting India services unlike in dedicated server where only one customer utilizes the entire power.

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