Digestive issues making you sick

Our Digestive system helps to derive energy from the food to sustain the body functions; it involves lot of steps with the help ‘from teeth to the HCL in stomach’. So, there are few food combinations that we should avoid as it can disrupt the proper functioning of digestive system, as a result lethargic feeling and uneasy bowel movements will surely ruin physical and mental comfort. We need to understand the basic science behind the digestion process like proteins takes longer duration to absorb in body and fat and proteins digestion began in stomach, which starch gets started to digest in mouth and then small intestine.

Our body when chew food it derive different energy for various body functioning like our body digest protein, carbohydrates, fat etc. Our body makes combination to ingest alkaline food or acidic food. Therefore there are certain types of food that we should avoid like: Meat and Dairy Products; Fish and Dairy Products; Radish and Milk, our digestion process is simply not capable to digest these combinations at the same time with it we do several mistakes while eating food, so here we are going to present you the easy methods which will help you in non-disruptive digestion and it will also help you to stay healthy. Idea is to understand when you eat something how your body gives you signal , if you are facing symptoms like acid reflux, vomit, cramps, bloating or diarrhea you really need to take precautions to avoid these issues. Few we are listing here one should do to make digestive issues shoo away from your life:

Chew, Chew and Chew: Chew your food properly as saliva when mixed with food pave way for proper digestion. You should chew a bite for 40 times so that it easily gets the way from food pipe to stomach. Mixing Fluids and Air while eating: Make sure when you eat food you are not gulping down lots of fluids with food and make sure mouth is close while your food is in mouth.  Eating fast and less chewing will create digestion problems.

Large Meals instead of small: Food take four hours for complete assimilation and large consumption of food will take more than 6 hours depending on the quantity. SO, say No to BIG MEALS. It is just another way to embrace stomach related issues, so better ignore it.

Stomach friendly food: Eat food which are rich in fiber and enrich with vitamins specially bit of acidic tint, like oranges, lemons, papaya etc. It will help you in smooth processing of digestion.

Healthy Oral hygiene: It is crucial to maintain a healthy oral hygiene as this is the first place where food passes.

So, hope you will not forget to inculcate these healthy habits in your daily routine. Stay Healthy so that you can live wealthy.

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