Do you know what sulfate free shampoos are?

Does the shampoo you use give a nice foamy lather on using it? If yes, your shampoo contains sulfate. What this means is that apart from cleansing the hair of its dirt, the shampoo can also strip off the essential natural oils and make the hair very dry. Scared after reading this? Well, you should be. The truth is, the chemical called sulfate is a very powerful detergent, which is found in soap detergent that is used for washing dishes, toilet sprays, laundry detergents, and much more. The sulfate cuts through the grease and only further makes the shampoo and soap foamy. You must thus switch to a sulfate free shampoo.

Most shampoos, the customers are not even aware contain along with Sodium laureth Sulfate (SLES). The two are derived from, surprisingly, the coconut oil. Basically, they are lathering agents. They are much cheaper to produce, that is why preferred for mass market shampoos. The latter one is slightly more heavy on the pocket but it causes much lesser skin irritation than the former.

There has been no definitely proof or study that says the two can cause cancer. However, both have been successfully proven as highly potential irritants. The SLES, as said before, is much less in irritation and offers the hair a gentle cleansing effect. The content of both in shampoos causes the hair in being rougher for long term. Plus, they strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils, which leave behind an itchy scalp along with very brittle and dry hair.

There is no particular quantity of how much sulfate is bad or good for the hair. Sulfates cause the lathering or foaming seen in the shampoo – the lather aids in cleaning the scalp. Just the way in which a detergent soap which you use for cleaning your vessels or clothes, in the same way it dries out your hair. The reputed companies as of now use the FDA approved quantity of sulfates. The human scalp does have the capacity to prevent the ugly effect but with time it might not be able to keep with the very bad damage and this is when you can see its ill-effects.

Sulfates can be held responsible for the real cleansing action. A sls free shampoo will thus not have the level of cleansing. This then could lead to dandruff along with other associated hair issues. Thus, a little quantity of sulfate is needed. This way, overall damage will be minimized bigo tv and the cleansing will be maintained. Finally, do keep in mind that any shampoo which lathers contains sulfates in it.

In order to look after dyed hair and scalp, you should definitely avoid shampoos, which contain SLS in them because the color and vibrancy, both will not last long.

After reading this, you will realize that a sulfate free shampoo should be used instead of a regular one. There is a lot of damage that the sulfate is doing to your hair. So, make the clever choice!

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