Does SEO still hold some value?

The whole online marketing world is filled with the hot and happening rumors of SEO being dead or its effects being deteriorating in terms of granting ranking to websites. Despite of these rumors, SEO still holds some liveliness in it.

Search engine optimization has attained a complete transformation which recalls death alarm for some of its elements. Many SEO tactics like; keyword stuffing, directory links, content spinning, duplicate websites, etc have achieved the downfall mainly because of the reason of their ineffective approach or due to their avoidance from Google’s guidelines. Although, these tactics said to work quite some time before, but now they have been declared dead and are considered just waste of time.

Despite of above mentioned elements, still some SEO practices are still alive and progressing well like:

  • Customer targeting keyword support
  • On-page optimization
  • Link optimization
  • Technical SEO and many more.

Nowadays, SEO have transformed all around the high quality content which deals to upgrade the consumer about the product and points to deliver the desirable outcome with maximum satisfaction. Today, Google adopted a strict attitude towards the guidelines and ask for only the White-hat SEO. To maintain the attitude of result oriented SEO, Google has released some algorithm upgrades which are intended to reward good content and punish spam ones.

Search engines work with the upgrades and look forward to reward the websites that own high quality content. Today, search engines are getting much smarter and better at their content screening job. They are looking forward for such content that pass on effective ad easy to grab signals despite of those who pass nuisance and meaningless content.

Nowadays, search engines target those websites whose content focus on giving quality information to its customer base free from stuffed keywords and phrases. They ask for such content which is purely optimized and tend to provoke reading interest in customer. When the content is perfectly optimized, it will result in raising website ranking thereby reaching more customer base.

Although, Google made announcement about the decreasing value of links, but it still give importance to quality link optimization which focused on complete abolition of any fraudulent approach. It means that while managing the links, the focus should not get distracted from managing quality content. Rather, the things should get adjusted accordingly which evolve the opportunities for search engines to find informative and useful content for users.

Despite of all above descriptions, still many SEO professionals find it difficult to rank the websites on the search engines. They keep on upgrading the SEO tactics but many times they avoid scratching the technical issues rising in their websites. While optimizing the contents, professionals should work on the navigation element of the site which recalls for faster loading while attracts the visitor and provoke him to deliver his quality time on it.

Thus, it is hard to say that “SEO is dead”. Rather, we can conclude saying that SEO is used to attract, engage and convert the prospective leads into customers. It demands for regular update and look forward for better ways to supply better outcomes to targeted customers.

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