FAT But FIT is seriously a Myth

We hear people say: “I am fit, I can run Marathon, can climb stairs easily, so, it doesn’t matter that I am fat.” Well, researchers have clearly dismissed this idea as FAT But Fit is seriously a Myth. You can’t claim to be Fit is you have fat more per BMI level. People with more fat are still at risk of diseases.

A team of researchers in Sweden has done research on this notion that whether people are fit yet fat are healthy. The research concluded that even if an obese man has a high aerobic fitness level, there is still a higher risk of early death due to disease takes place inside human body due to obesity in comparison to normal weighing man with lower or less aerobic fitness level. The research data has a follow up data of 29 years and the data reflected that in spite of healthy benefits provided by aerobic fitness the obese person is less likely to have advantages due to his obese conditions.

They also told participants to continue cycling until they feel exhausted and have to stop their cycling due to fatigue. With this data they also studied the death occurred in past using national registers.  Results clearly favored that increase level of aerobic fitness do decrease risk of death. However, the results also clearly indicated that in both normal-weight and overweight individuals, benefits of reduced risk were clearly lower in obese participants.

It showed the difference of 30% and clearly has indicated that obese individuals are on risk side, as normal weigh person has less risk of death even with low exercise regime. Participants that came under “extreme” category have no effect on health improvement. They are on the verge of higher risk. So, if you are still living in the world of fat yet fit world than this will be a reason to act upon.

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