Food to Add in your Weight Loss diet

We always tend to focus on what to ‘remove’ when we are on diet and we easily forget that depriving body of its essential nutrients will do more harm to body than weight and fat. So, while it is essential to reduce the calories, it is very much required to get attention on what to ‘add’ in our diet to make sure our body is not deprived of essential components.

Omega-3 fatty acids assist in the kick starting weight loss journey. So, make sure you do take supplements or capsule which will assist you in fulfilling this requirement. If you eat fish then supplements will not be required.

Add Proteins via eggs or pulses or powder, make sure your diet has sufficient amount of protein in it.

Oatmeal: Nothing can replace this healthier food from your diet. A big bowl of oats in the day will immensely benefit in the weight loss trip. It is high in fiber and low in fat which enhances digestion process also.

Sweet potato: Consume sweet potatoes as these are enriching in vitamin D along with minerals, iron and magnesium.

Yoghurt: Simple and plain yoghurt will do wonder to your digestive tract making it healthier and happier. Eat a bowl full with sprinkled cinnamon and fruit (apple or strawberry or cherries).

Sprouted beans: Nothing can beat the high amount of fiber and protein one gets from sprouted beans and it is easy to prepare, just soak them in water and afterwards wrap it in the muslin cloth. A healthy snack is prepared.

Flax seeds: Just chew one spoon of it daily. You will feel the difference within a month.

Popcorn: Not the one which are loaded with fat, just buy plain kernel of popcorn, prepare it and have fun minus calories.

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Green Leafy Vegetables: From the day we started to chew things, this one was the most crucial things our mothers have taught us. Eat green leafy vegetables.

Beetroot: Eat it in salad or drink juice, the amount of nutrients in it will boost your immunity, hair and skin.

Tofu: For those who refrain from dairy products can try this neutral taste yet iron, micronutrient enrich product in diet.

Water: Plain and pure water or add lemon or ginger juice, just make sure your drink at least 7-8 glasses of water in a day.

Seasonal Fruits: Add seasonal fruits in your diet and make sure you have one type of fruit at a time.

Hope you will take care of the above list and will add in your diet regime. Stick and stay updated with us. Like, comment or share your views with us.

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