Foods that Drain Your Brain Power

We all know that there are two kinds of foods. One, foods that are good for us and two, foods that are really bad for our health. Most of the food that we consume on a regular basis contains high amounts of sugar and fat. All of which we consume without realising that that large quantity going into our body.

If we try and figure out the amount of calories our food contains, it would be difficult to swallow that bit. An apple contains a hundred calories. So does a slice of bread without butter or our favourite slice of cheese. And you will not believe when I will tell you that it takes 45 minutes of workout to burn 100 calories. How easy it is to take it into body and how very difficult to burn it out.

In the kind of busy lives that we live, we don’t even realise what we are eating and more specifically how it is affecting our body and our health.

The amount of sugar that goes into our body through the cups of tea, coffee and through juices is huge when calculated. And that eventually affects us badly.

Sugar is 50% fructose, so even healthy cereals contain it. One has to really measure out things before just putting them into the bowl and then into the mouth. Carefully look at the ingredients before buying your product so that you know what exactly it contains.

And just when you are struggling with all of that, it is Quaker Oats that comes to the rescue. Quaker Oats is a 100 percent healthy food option that does not contain any unwanted sweeteners. It is a rich source of fibre and is made of wholegrain which is really good for the health.

Too much of fat and sugar makes the functioning of the brain really slow, according to researchers. One should pay attention to what one is eating and avoid all the things that contain a huge quantity of these.

We always think food affects only our body, whereas food affects are brain too. All that goes into the body can harm the brain and affect its functioning. If you eat light and healthy, you will feel active. It is because of the consumption of sugar rich foods that makes one dull and drowsy. Quaker Oats is undoubtedly the best when it comes to this. It is light but filling at the same time. It gives you the right amount of energy without the unnecessary fat and sugar.

Made of fibre, it is absolutely healthy. So switch to Quaker Oats and get rid of all the unwanted sugar. It will improve the metabolism of the body and help the brain function well. Because when you eat light, you will feel light. Healthy eating is what is going to help you for a lifetime. Just like Quaker Oats which take time digesting and release energy gradually hence making you feel full for a long period of time!

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