General Study Coaching- reading and writing goes simultaneously

Advices! Advices! Advices! Since you have entered the competitive zone of UPSC exam, you are continuously listening loads of advices from every person. Most advices move around reading lots of books and making notes and revising the basic concepts thoroughly. In the list of advices, have you come across someone who relay focus on your writing abilities too? In relation to your reading practice, are you equally inclined towards making your writing practice perfect? To tell you, reading and writing goes simultaneously while preparing for the civil service examination. Mere reading and grasping the concepts will not work; you must be perfect enough in writing down the things otherwise all your efforts will go in vain.

Have you ever thought about your hand writing? Just imagine what would happen if you can’t write even 1000 words in a neat handwriting in just 1 hour. How will you finish your exam paper? That’s a serious issue that recalls your attention. With your learning etiquettes, you must pay strict attention to your writing skills too. You should make a habit to write daily for 2-3 hours, only then you can match the criteria of the exam. In your routine schedule you should take out the time for doing some write-up practice and see where you stand actually. As a help, you can try out the below mentioned tricks to pace up your speed.

  • Writing in extreme condition: once you have applied the habit to write for few hours daily, you can now try to write in the extreme conditions too. It is writing in the immense cold condition wherein it becomes difficult to hold even a pen. Most aspirants appear for the exam in Delhi and it’s too cold in December, the exam month. Thus, it becomes necessary to prepare yourself well in advance to face that bitter cold. As a savior, you must start practicing now. Start writing around 2000 words daily and that too at different time intervals. This will make your prepared for the big day.
  • Find your best pen: I know, it sounds little awkward, but it is another important trick that helps you in the long run. You can try variety of pens for your writing practice. After a little trial, you will surely end up with some shortlisted pens that will offer you a comfortable writing experience with no sweating and a good handwriting offer. Take the shortlisted pen in the exam and you can surely beat the pressure.
  • Try on variety of papers: this will help too. You can make the practice on variety of papers from those rough sheets to fair ones that will manage your speed and helps in accelerating the same. Once you are addicted of the writing devices, you can easily win the game.

Always remember, every mark is important in getting the rank in the IAS exam. Just focus on every single requirement and pay special attention. If necessary, take expert advices from general study coaching and apply them in your routine activities.

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