High-Time to Initiate Exercise Journey

You might NOT have come across a single person, who tells not to exercise. However, how many of us barely take exercise seriously. There are few who take care of their body and do get appreciation for that; Apart from weight loss or weight maintenance there are many reasons to do exercise. So stop looking for ‘why’ and ‘how’, just ‘go’ for it, even a simple step taken today will be enhance the ‘better’ version of yours. So, it is high time to initiate your exercise journey and positive results are guaranteed.

Science has proven that a healthy body is a home of healthy mind and look, Yes after exercise your hormones will make you feel happy, relax and energetic.

You will be happy to sleep peacefully and a sound sleep indirectly helps you to think loud and clear.

If you will keep one healthy habit i.e. if you will do exercise daily then you will live far away from depression.

After a certain duration, you are going to say “Hello new me”, as you are bound to live happy and there will be no anxiety. Your stress level will be down too.

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Exercise doesn’t mean you are going to pay hefty amount to any gym or health club; there are numerous option available if you will search online, there are free tutorials, exercises to do at home, jogging in the lap of nature etc.

Exercise means a healthy workout which can keep up the body in working-mode, it is not necessary that you have do high-intensity exercises and sweat a lot, a simple walk daily for 45 minutes, check on junk food, can help you achieve you goals.

Risk of premature death, high blood pressure, Cardiac diseases, Cholesterol are under control if you are living a healthy lifestyle and daily you are doing some sort of exercise. There will be less risk of Diabetes and the best part is exercise increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or good cholesterol) while decreasing triglycerides.

Not only body, your mind also needs exercise like Sudoku or puzzles or you can try doing meditation as it will help you to lead a stress free life.

Even learning a new skill and hobby will enhance your mind power.

You endorphins the hormone which strikes the chemicals in brain to make you feel happier and lighter will be activated by exercise.

Now, we all know attractive personality gets attention everywhere, and yes a healthy and attractive personality gives you immense self-confidence boost which in turn gets you self-esteem. Don’t you want to get toned and fit look?

As you know that heart and mind will be healthy then for sure it will initiate the functionality of your other internal organs and you will have high energy level. Now after office, you can play your favorite game or complete any other chore, which you were not able to as you felt tired earlier.

Do you know that an inactive person lose 30% of muscle fiber till one attains the age of 60? Now, if you wish long life then it is your responsibility to make sure you live a healthy long life. Who would like to spend time in hospitals and doctors clinics?

So, don’t procrastinate as it is your health which needs attention and care, a perfect coordination, balance, flexibility, reduced illness, strong bones are the reasons you should start your exercise module today. So Just Go For It.

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