Lipstick Shades for this Year

Well, without lipstick any make-up is incomplete, whether it is a vintage one or a contemporary one. Girls need to know the latest trends so that they can flaunt the color too. Well we girls spend hours and hours to get the perfect shade to wear according to occasion, season and location. So, here is the list to help you with the best lipsticks shades to select from you can wear lighter shade for day and darker shade for evening:

Make sure you have moisturized your lips well a patchy flaky lip will not look good with any lip color. So make sure you wear you apply oil or Vaseline on your lips every day and night and before applying lipstick fill cracks with Vaseline and then wipe it with cotton, fill your lips with a light foundation with moisturizer and a little bit of compact powder then gain wipe the extra with cotton.

Before applying lipstick, make sure to draw outer-line with the same lipstick and fill it in with the color than keep a tissue paper in between lips and dab your lips on it, afterwards apply another coat of lipstick and you are done for tension free lipstick zone.

So, the lipstick shades of the year are:

Peach: This color is one of the most sorts after color by girls; even fashion divas wear it for everyday look.

Peachy Pink shade: Peachy pink gives fullness and innocence on face so try it in day in matte look and in evening you can go with glossy look.

Fuschia pink will win the hearts with the subtle and elegant grace

Apricot peach will sure do wonders to the daily magic effect.

Coral Pink: This year the color is surely going to embrace the lips as season is still full of chilly air and warm days.  Even in summers this color will give a smooth effect.

Deep Mauve: Now, this one will look hot on dusky girls, the lustrous lips will have deep effect by the color.

Maroon with bronze tint: You can keep this color safe for weddings and gala festivities. The color will add bling to your lips.

Cherry red: Just carry this color with confidence, that what this lipstick shade demands. Feel proud and naughty and this color will add desire effect of red.

Before you try these shades make sure you are comfortable with the color, if you will not be confident while wearing a color on your lips it is not going to give the desire effect. So, smile wide and wear your color of the year.

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