Luxurious Life Within a Limited Budget

Jakkur is known for the Aerodrome is located in the suburbs of Bangalore. It is a dedicated general aviation field and it a site of Government Flying Training School (GFTS), which is the only flying school in the state. It also has the Yelahanka Air Force Station which along with the aerodrome are the major prides of this area.

Due to this the population in this area is highly diverse as they come from diverse backgrounds but are mostly well established and urbane. Also since this area is in the suburbs it is green and not very congested. However, the only predicament new home buyers have is the lack of available luxury homes. This has now been resolved with the mushrooming of several budget apartments in Bangalore in and around Jakkur. This is why it now proves to be a serene abode for people who want to enjoy a classy lifestyle in peaceful areas.

Life Full of Luxuries Yet Affordable

There are some very good residential projects from trusted developers like Brigade Northridge which have built keeping the expectations for the new age buyer in mind. Brigade Northridge review online and websites of all these luxury housing projects can be procured from their websites. Moreover, these are loaded with luxuries and are yet very affordable. Most of these brilliantly made townships have following facilities:

  1. ClubHouse with Gym to keep you fit and active. Having these close to your home helps you follow the regimen you have always wanted to follow but the busy life you lead does not give you a chance. But if you choose to live in one if these luxury residential projects, you will the resources to live your dreams of going to gym everyday and interacting with neighborhood in the clubhouse to create a fabulous social circle for yourself.
  2. Swimming Pool: Swimming is considered to be one of the best exercises these days and moreover it surely is believed to be “cool” by the new generation. But it not a luxury many places have in. people need to travel far to join swimming classes or get their kids learn this excellent exercise. But if it is right there in your vicinity, learning and practicing this sport becomes a lot easier and convenient.
  3. Cricket practice pitch: Cricket flows in the blood of Indians, no matter what age or background one belongs to, this sport is fervently practiced in the hearts and minds of everyone. To add to that if fans of cricket get a properly made pitch, then nothing can stop them to play their “Tendulkar moments”.
  4. Golf putting green: It is no doubt one of the most “fancy” sports in India and surely is that of the elite. But if this upmarket sports can be played right in your colony, nothing will ever stop you from hitting a hole-in-one or even an albatross each time you play.
  5. Yoga/meditation deck: Rejuvenating to a new refreshed state is always needed while leading a hectic lifestyle. Meditation and yoga are the considered to be the best ways to do so. The newly developed townships mostly have areas specifically designed for meditation. These are serene and make you feel being in the lap of nature where you would love to go again and again.
  6. Senior citizen’s court: For the most important members of our family, the townships must have the most special spaces. Therefore, beautifully landscaped areas are developed to give a combination of contemporary lifestyle and comfortable living to relax, unwind and revitalize their souls.

Hence, if you are looking for a perfect balance of luxury and value for money homes which have contemporary design and offer comfortable living with beautiful imaginative landscapes, you must look for apartments in a range of locations including suburbs of Bangalore.

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