Matheran, one day picnic spot close to Mumbai

Life in a metro, after a certain period of time, tends to get into you. The mundane life, where there is no action, no entertainment, no change often gets boring and tiring. Even, Mumbai, which is considered to be the home of Bollywood and the hub of entertainment, can’t escape from the fact. It is thus, the people living in the city start looking for weekend getaways and nearby resorts to take the much needed respite. Picnic is one another interesting way to escape from the city air, people, and noise. There are a couple of good alternatives for a Mumbaikar to visit; however, one place that simply stands high above the rest is Matheran.

Blessed by Mother Nature, Matheran is home to beautiful landscapes, interesting places to visit in Matheran, and lovely weather. Matheran is a quiet yet lively hill station in the state and easily accessible by all methods of transport. The your journey incorporates a train ride to Neral station, followed by a lovely 30 minute taxi ride along the ghats to achieve the base of the hill station. You could begin early from Mumbai, so you will reach Matheran conveniently and utilize whatever is left of the day in exploring the town. Plus, starting early much convenient as the journey will not be as tiring thanks to the pleasant morning weather. Matheran is generally clamoring with activity and individuals on the weekend. The street are loaded with voyagers and couples alike and so are the prominent tourist spots. Weekdays are less swarmed. Despite whether you visit the spot on weekdays or weekends, it is certain that you will be presented with enough space and time to enjoy the “me time”.

Visitors are for the generally excited to get a perspective of the hills in the foggy climate and look for opportunities to snap huge amounts of pictures while there is still light. In this way, a horse ride to reach the tourist spots is a smart thought, considering some of these spots are situated far from each other. Also, you will be approached by different horse owners, attempting to get you a decent bargain. One could cover the famous Echo and Louisa points together, as they are only a couple of kilometers distant away from each other. What’s more, the perspective is just stunning.

With the great climate and the great food, the hill town is already gaining prominence as being one of the best holiday destinations in the whole nation. Venture out right on mornings and early evenings to appreciate view-watching as these are the best time for the activity. Blessed with unparalleled natural beauty, almost each and every nook and corner is picture perfect. As you enjoy Matheran tourism, make sure you carry your camera all the time with you, as the place will provide you with multiple opportunities to polish the skill. One could also go spotting the wild animals, flora, and birdlife in the region. You will often come across monkeys. They look interesting but keep away if you don’t seek an unwanted encounter. You may take their photographs from a distance, as a skilled photographer finds beauty and aesthetics in everything.


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