Mistakes While Doing Make-Up

Flawless natural make up, yes, this statement gets attention and a horrible pan-cake make-up really makes you the talk of the ‘circle’. Make-up products are there to help you get the advantage of science and art of perfection, even to hide those scares due to which you are hiding your smile or that cut in brows which takes away the attention from your bright eyes, make-up gives you the desire effect. However, when it comes to make-up Indian girls and here we are talking about majority who ignores the basic essential of make-up tips. Have you ever wonder why a specific girl get attention and praise for makeup and another ones get glare of ‘uh-ugh’. The difference is to understand the basics of make-up and apart from do’s you should be aware of don’ts too.

Not moisturizing your skin enough: When it comes to moisturizer your skin needs lots of it. Even oil skin need to be taken care of, wipe out excess oil or after cleaning do not forget to moisturize your face by a perfect match of your moisturizer and your skin type. Use generously all over your face, ears neck, don’t forget backside of ear and neck.

Using heavy foundation and forgetting concealer or corrector in the required area, yes you need to have a base on the skin to make it even, however you also need to take care of areas around the eyes and lips. Instead of heavy foundation use a light foundation one tone lighter than your skin.

Don’t go with two opposite colors on your face: Here attention is required on color of lipstick and the tone of blush, you should seriously avoid the mistake of doing peach blush with red lipstick and vice-versa. Make sure the tones are from matching or lighter or darker shades.

Lipstick and then layers of lipstick with another layer of gloss which is of different color, stick to one color, dab it between lips and apply another layer that’s all what is require for lipstick.

Black heavy Kohl on eyes: Making your eyes cakey and heavy with blackness. Instead a thin line with smudge look does wonders. The more serious situation is- not to remove the kajal from eyes properly at night, leaving it which then becomes part of look, did I say horrible look. Removal of make-up is more important than doing make-up as skin needs air to breathe.

Hope that henceforth you will remember the don’ts and look pretty as you are as a person, a beautiful person.

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