One Step A Day to Cut Body Fat

Weight loss, how to reduce body fat, I have no time for exercise, trouble losing weight, we all hear these words on daily basis. It seems like the over-weight trouble is the concern of majority today. Lifestyle’s has changed drastically and it has severely affected the overall health of a being. First, one need to accept that there is nothing called “overnight magic” that will take place to reduce the physical concerns of yours especially body fat. It is easy to take one step a day to reach your desire goals. Here we will tell you about simple steps so that you can cut your body fat.

Weight loss is a simple arithmetic of calories burned and calories intake. So, reducing your daily calorie intake will assist you a lot. Reducing the number of biscuits you take while sipping tea will also help you in long run.

Remove or replace sugar from tea, either switch to green coffee or add jiggery instead of sugar in your tea.

Exchange ‘junk’ snack with a healthy one. When you are trying to reduce weight a slice of pizza and a small burger will also do the damage. If possible don’t have cheat days while losing weight, you can add cheat days in your diet when you are at your desire weight and trying to maintain it.

Try to add more 15 minutes of exercise in your schedule. Do not avoid weight lifting, start by simple exercise and increase the intensity after a while. Your body adjusts with the similar exercise routine after a certain time and hence the effect will be reduced, so keep adding new exercise and intensity in your routine.

Make sure you are consuming protein daily. Proteins are essential part of your diet and it gives more ‘full stomach feeling’ when consumed. You surely want fat loss not muscle loss, so protein diet is must.

Consume healthy fats, to reduce weight it is not necessary to remove all kinds of fat, our body needs fat and healthy fats also helps in absorbing fat soluble vitamins. So, eat Almonds, Walnuts and nuts in your diet.

One can’t avoid this important step while you reducing weight i.e. of water. Consume water per need and body weight. At least drink 3 liters of water in a day. Sounding tough, just carry a water bottle with you. You will remember to drink water.

Eat Carbohydrates only on gym or hard exercise day, as your body will utilize the carbs in efficient manner on exercise days.

Make sure you add these steps in your daily routine and it will surely reduce the fat and will help you maintain it in longer run.

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