Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

(Best for Working Professionals & Distance students)

The emergence of online coaching for IAS has seen a meteoric rise in the past couple of years owing to the advent of affordable, acceptable and accessible digital facilities. For decades, especially Delhi, had been at the center-stage of preparation ecosystem. This has led to a dire need for the Decentralization and Demonetization of the entire preparatory methodology not only on Pan-India basis but also globally. Here come the relevance and necessity of online IAS coaching.


High Flexibility:

The main advantage of any online coaching lies in its embedded criteria of flexible schedules. Early bed goer as well as nocturnal, working professionally as well as college student anyone from anywhere in anyway can prepare for the examination. They can schedule their online video coaching for IAS and sectional tests as per their convenience.



Economically, IAS online coaching is cheaper per se vis-à-vis classroom courses. Even many academic platforms offer free of cost routine guidance. This is a true Decentralization and Demonetization of academics, which makes the access to quality training a dream come true for those hailing from hostile and inaccessible terrains.

More Options:

Definitely, one can have innumerable options (in terms of institutes or platforms) to explore and choose accordingly when it comes to online coaching for IAS. The top-notch competitions among the player directly benefit the students or the aspirants.

Peer-to-peer Review:

This is the most crucial requirement to excel in any examination. A healthy and constructive criticism in the form of peer review provides an olive branch to one’s effort.


Unlike the regular classroom course, you are not bound to follow a tight schedule of 9 to 3. This will allow you can make your spares (those microseconds that we normally waste in chit chatting J ) productive too.

Faster Doubt Clearance:

In a classroom of 200 students, it seems practically as impossible as clearing UPSC to ask any personal doubts or queries. Raising an online doubt provides you the comfort to get in touch with the eminent faculties directly.


No Group Study:

This may be completely a subjective con of online coaching as some aspirants prefer to have a group study while some do not. Still, in a classroom-based mode of preparation, we get an opportunity to make like-minded friend with the excellent educational background (especially befriending buddies having same OPTIONALS J )

No Interactive Approach:

An interaction with a group of people hailing from different parts of the country provides an insight into the vivid diversity of our Nation. In addition, we can easily evaluate our academic efforts if it is moving in the right direction, if not we can adopt necessary modification at the earliest.

No Peer Review:

Taking a class test in the classroom helps us to compare our performance with other students. We can learn better writing style imitating high scorers. This enhances the level of competition which brooms our effort.

Sitting Habits:

Sitting persistently and spending a quality time to self-study is sine quo non to clear any examination. Thus, sitting in a classroom for at least 3 long hours implicitly inculcates a habit to sit and study for a longer period, which is extremely necessary especially for MAINS examination.

No Info About Recent Trends:

Preparing in isolation leads to ignorance about the recent trends and developments with respect to the examination. Still, this does not make any substantial difference as there are examples that peoples have prepared well in isolation and have ultimately made it through.

Robust Internet Infrastructure:

To access the online lectures and other contents online, you need to have an uninterrupted and reliable internet connectivity, which may act as a predicament for the aspirants belonging to rural areas.

Essential Features of an Online Coaching:

There are numerous online IAS coaching entities which offer academic facilities on wide basis but most of them follow a segmented approach. i.e. some of them just offer current affairs materials to name one, some just offer answer writing platforms to name second, some just offers multiple quizzes and so on.

Thus, to bring online coaching facilities to be on par with the traditional classroom courses, following features should be a MUST looked criterion:

  • An updated and regular video lectures on all the topics of the syllabus.
  • A state-of-the-art test series.
  • A responsive interactive academic support.
  • The physical existence of the coaching institute anywhere.
  • Regular Current Affair magazine.
  • Most importantly it must be economical for the students.

The expectation from Students:

Since learning is a mutual process. So, students are also ought to be informed and vigilant while choosing any institute to proceed with.

A student can have the following checklists:

  • If possible pay a physical visit to the institute, if not clear all your doubts telephonically before joining any. Do not take decisions solely based on the advice of your seniors or someone else.
  • Ask for free sample videos of the lectures so as to acquaint yourself with the pedagogy.
  • Inquire about the duration of the course, a number of lectures, number, and schedules of sectional tests.
  • Inquire about the maximum days within which you can get your evaluated test script.
  • Make yourself familiar with the modus operandi of the interactive support and how to use it.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for any scholarship test to avail the course at the discounted price.
  • Rely mostly on those coaching institutes which has a physical presence, this provides legality and authenticity to their existence.
  • Do not prefer that institute which offers multiple career options as they are akin to “JACK OF ALL, MASTERS OF NONE”

Note: Choose that institute who specialize in Civil Services Coaching. Google search engine is flooded with online coaching marketers, they have made online coaching an easy business with not much investment or specialization. Beware of them, it’s very HARMFUL to IAS aspirants. Keep a proper distance from such institutes which provide online classes for a multiple of competitive examinations such as IAS, SSC, BANKING, CDS etc. Their only interest is making money and not the benefit of their students.

Find list of Top 5 online IAS coaching

  2. Unacademy
  3. UPSC Pathshala
  4. Byjus
  5. Superprofs

Note: Except ELITE IAS- India’s Best IAS Coaching in Delhi (specializes in UPSC guidance), none of the other online IAS coaching institutes are providing Civil Services exam-focused course. They claim to excel in a variety of exam courses like IAS, SSC, CAT, BANKING, GMAT, CDS etc. So, better make a call to the coaching institute of your choice before joining it.

Hope, my efforts will help you in making your decision. Try a little harder to be a little better. All the best!

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