Paint Your Home With Well-Chosen Colours And Build Memories for a Lifetime!

“Colours are the smiles of nature!” – James Henry Leigh Hunt

While visiting a friend’s place or a client’s office, the first thing we notice about it is the colour. We all have our personal choices when it comes to choosing one place over another, one product over the other and these choices are often driven by the dominant colour that meets the eye. A major percentage of our response to a particular product or a place is due to its colour.

It is, therefore, prudent to give colour its due importance as it dominates our choice and impacts our decision-making while choosing a product.  This “colour psychology” has emotional and physical effects on our moods and actions. Hence colours around our living space, especially homes, needs careful selection as it is bound to impact us in many ways.

Select a Colour, Select a Mood!

Every room of your home will be a silent driver of your wide-ranging moods; therefore, it is necessary to consider the mood of a room while making a choice.

  • A bedroom is bound to combine myriad moods so you would want it to be soothing, intimate and calming. Neutral, soft colours are cool to look at and give a feeling of restfulness, which is precisely what a bedroom needs. You can also combine it with a strong colour on one of the walls to create a dramatic effect.
  • The children’s room is a combination of playfulness and energy but you do not want them to be bouncing around all the while and thus, it needs a dash of tranquillity too. An overdose of bright colours may give rise to irritability and hyper-activity.
  • Selecting the Berger wall-paint for your dining room may be most crucial as you will use it for socialising and will have the maximum number of footfalls. You would want to give a sociable ambience to this space, therefore, bright and warm colours may be more suitable while for a formal feel, choose the blue-greens or neutrals.

Test Small to Test Smart

Choosing wall-paint for the home is always a tough exercise and inputs from family members and “well-meaning” advisors always adds to the confusion. It makes great sense to begin with smaller areas like a passage area or small study or even the bathroom to get a fair idea of how your experiment with Berger wall colours will look like.

This will provide you with the opportunity to change in case your family does not approve of it and move on to another colour or a different combination altogether. Keep it small and simple!

Light Up the Room and Your Mood Too

Pay a lot of attention to the lighting, natural and artificial, in your home as this will play a crucial role in the overall effect. For example, if you choose a dark colour for the entire room that is small in size, it may end up overpowering the other elements in the room but the same may be effective when used on a single wall with indirect lighting. Remember that natural daylight shows true colours so make sure you choose well for a wall that reflects direct sunlight.

Top-quality Wall paints and well-chosen interiors are said to be a reflection of the home owner’s personality and you would surely want to create a great impression with your perfect choice of colours. Go ahead with your choice of colours by considering the above tips and you will come up with a winning combination for sure

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