Sleep-its importance and tips and tactics to get good one

Sleep is an important part of everyone’s life, for few less than half of life is spend while sleeping and for few less than third. However, sleep is required for every individual. Sleep is a “healthy” habit, if you want to be productive and want to have a quality life. Sleep is one of the naturally recurring states of our mind. Thanks to technology and 24*7 environment we compromise our sleep. There are health hazards if we don’t sleep per our “brain” requirement. Let us take a look on what happens when we don’t take enough sleep. Not only sleep deprivation can lead to early demise, it will also hamper the quality and productiveness of ours.

Lack of sleep will hinder the restoration of body and brain functioning. Our energy hormones, growth hormones and even processing of all the events of the day, will be hampered. It is important to sleep as it is crucial to perform well and to remember what you have learnt for an exam or a test.

It will have negative effects on physical, emotional and mental health. Not only, lack of sleep will make you irritating, it will lead to stressful and disease-prone life. High-blood pressure, diabetes, attention lapses, reduced focus, and low productivity, these all go hand in hand with less sleep.

Even it will negatively affect body metabolism. Either it will make your weight loss process terrible or it will disturb the internal system of body including digestion and filtering of waste.

People tend to have bad mood swings with symptoms of anxiety and depression. This results in workplace disturbances and also hampers work-life balance.

So, sleep is indispensible part of our existence, Here when we mention sleep, we mean quality sleep, in a surrounding where you are on bed for 12 hours but not able to get peace for few minutes doesn’t count as sleep. There are people who sleep for 4-5 hours yet they are productive, motivated and are energetic for all day, this is due to quality of sleep with some activities like- meditation and yoga as these activities help in functionality of brain and body.

Some tips and tricks to sleep peacefully

Exercise daily at any time of the day, it will make body hormones working and after tiredness you will to get good sleep.

Stay hydrated: Water is important for our body functioning, so make sure you drink at least 3 liters of water every day.

Clean bed and room: Clutter around you will ruin the mind and mood. So a clean bed and room will assist in a good night sleep.

Stick to a sleeping schedule: It will help your body to maintain its time-table of sleep.

Make sure your mattress is comfortable, as the major portion of our life, we don’t spend in bed.

A relaxing bed time schedule can help in getting a good sleep, make sure you have no bright lights and sounds in your room.

Hope, you follow a good night ritual to get a “good night sleep”. It just does wonders.

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