Studio apartment in Noida-lucrative deal in terms of conceptualized living space

Himanshu, a software developer in MNC, often finds it hard to cover the long distance from his rented apartment to his office. Many times, he looks for buying a 2BHK flat in the location, preferable near his office, but failed to get the same, due to high pricing. Such condition is quite common with many of the young buyers like Himanshu. Though, they are ready to pay EMI’s, but failed to find the suited property either due to high pricing or desired location suiting their lifestyle. The best solution for this ever ranging problem is switching on the dwelling choice from 2BHK to something that can equate the EMI’s without comprising the lifestyle. Yes, we are talking about Studio apartment.

In today’s aura, wherein income levels and rising pricing of the property are not ready to make a match with each other, how come an investor with limited income can settle on buying an asset for him? Sound difficult, but not impossible. With the rising problem of finding a living arena serving all comforts, a solution appears in the form of small spaced studio apartments. These apartments are conceptualized and built with the purpose to offer an affordable living space to young people like Himanshu, thereby matching their lifestyle.

Today’s youngsters love to acquire such a residential zone that will allow them to enjoy a great combination of privacy and comfort along with the services equivalent to some top-class hotel. The studio apartment comes in 500-600 sq. ft. arena covering a multipurpose room accommodated with a kitchen and bathroom. Also, some of the apartments carry a hall too, resembling it much like a 1BHK. Those, who are staring their career or a ready to experience a new stage of life often, find this accommodation choice as the best one.

The accommodation choices with studio apartment also vary depending upon the types of apartment offered by the builder. It varies in terms of raw type, furnished type and even furnished & services type. The raw type property will offer a raw flat that asks for furnishing done by the buyer. The furnished apartments are offered with loaded furniture and household items. The later one, furnished & services type is the most appreciated one, as it delivers a great deal of comfort & luxury for the amenities and facilities equivalent to a five star hotel. Youngsters love to acquire the second and third type of apartments that let them enjoy a comfortable living with all in-built amenities and facilities.

The demand for studio apartment is rising with a surge especially in metro cities and in its neighborhood. The cities like Noida are experiencing the large sale of studio apartments in terms of residential properties. Undoubtedly, the studio apartment in Noida is the best and cost-effective dwelling choice especially for those who want to own rather than rent and that too close to their workplace.

Following the rise in the new start-ups in the city, such dwelling will continue to lure the buyers in terms of compact apartments serving a manageable space with contemporary design.

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