Suitable Color Scheme for Your Bedroom

Back to Nature

Nature inspires us with so many interesting elements to design our personal space. Break free from the usual and let these inspirations enter your world through design and décor to always elevate your mood. If you love nature, this is the best way to keep it close to you so that this theme not only spreads positivity but also makes you forget you worries and helps you calm. Delicate grass paint on white walls steals your attention and the refreshing spring green looks all the more appealing.

Rest In Style

A lavish bed as a focal point makes more sense when it is in tune with the color scheme. It catches your eye as soon as you enter the room to give you a sense of belonging to this space to call your own. This shade of light green is eye catching so it has been meticulously used to avoid making it look dominant. Hence white is still the main base color of this scheme to create an impression of serenity, purity and still look confident.

Imposed wall

The main wall behind the bed has been painted with similar shade of green in a pattern which reflects natural greenery. It surely adds to the entire appeal and helps in making the “white” stand out so make your efforts more fruitful and to your bedroom some more freshness and style. It is a part of the focal and can be easily replicated by quality paints of any reputed brand of paints like Berger paints and their talented workforce.


Other walls of the room have been painted with have been painted with a pure white, you can also try 7P1545 (Steamed milk) shade from Berger’s catalogue if that suits your eyes more. This color palette is good for countries like ours where the tropical climate tires you more than the routine so a white and green color scheme is soothing and relaxing and this serves the actual purpose of the bedroom.


Ceiling further defines the shape of this bedroom with a slight variation to give a contemporary appeal to the whole idea by introducing angled corner. LED lights here, add to the effect of white layout and enhance the appeal. The green in the inner square around fan will feel amazing when the fan is switched on. This soothing and enjoyable impact has been created to help you rejuvenate and feel fresh as dew.


The bedroom chairs have a wood brown structure to remind you of the fertile barks and they are enveloped with white to stretch your imagination towards the untainted clean natural atmosphere. Grass painted on the wall next to chairs lets your mind enjoy the feel of living in the suburbs. This also create further interest in the interiors.


The window has white blinds to still remind you of the contemporary style and delicate window string curtains stylishly edged to look like ferns. It certainly adds to beauty like a kiss of natural surroundings to motivate in your ideation of concepts of life.

Stylish Storage

A big chest cabinet conveniently placed to store your stuff close to you. It has enough space to keep your stuff and has been covered with a stylish set of doors to the all the clutter and still look good. It has been painted in white to match your color scheme.

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