Sweet gestures you should do to your skin

Our Skin reflects a lot, our health; our diet and our lifestyle, so here were are to help you with some sett gestures that you should do to make your skin healthy and radiant. Don’t forget the basics although, like staying hydrated and doing exercise till you sweat. Sweat is an essential part so that our skin removes toxins from the body via sweat.

Don’t be touchy with Skin: In short do not touch your face or arms skin again and again, as our hands can transfer bacteria easily to the skin, especially face.

Too much sweet: Excess amount to sweet is bad for teeth, right! However it is also bad for your skin. Excess of sugar in the body spike up the blood sugar, as a result it break-down collagen, and collagen is important for your skin as it helps skin retain its structure and makes your skin look firm (read no saggy skin), If collagen hampers your skin gets hamper too. For your sweet tooth try a plumpish fruit.

Say no to sharing and here we mean sharing your personal things like ‘makeup brushes, hair accessories, combs, towels and so on. Sharing any of these items means welcoming the infections and bacteria, showing them route to your skin.

Avoid Heavy Make-up: Sure you don’t want to choke your skin to death with using tons of heavy make-up and pancake look. Heavy make-up ruins skin and chemicals damages the healthy layer of your skin. So, just go for a light minimalist make-up.

Use and check your skin products: It takes times, but make sure you only buy what you require for skin, not what the advertisement or your friend say. Check your skin requirement and offer the products suited for your skin type.

Going outside without sunscreen is a crime, yes it is, as it will be like killing your skin with harm sun rays. No matter which season is that, wearing sun cream is essential.

Clean your mobile screen with anti-bacterial wipe, it will be the sweetest thing to do for your skin, as mobile skin as lot of bacteria and when you use it to call or listen to the call, you unknowingly give space to bacteria on your face.

So, hope these steps will you in getting a healthy, flawless and radiant skin.

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