Tidbits for Good Health

Not that you overlook your health purposely, but it so happens that you are running late for office and munch on something quick and less nourishing, or at times you just have those cravings which tend to become your habit like crunchy deep fried snacks with evening tea; or maybe you have a gang of colleagues who like to gallivant to glory flaunting their expensive smoke habits during lunch hours every day or is it that pollution on the road, which cannot be avoided, is posing as a threat to your immunity.

A bit of this, a bit of that and here goes your health for a toss. And same goes for your kids who forget what you preach about staying healthy as soon as they step out of the house to explore the happy yet not-so-healthy world outside. From playing in mud to eating re-fried snacks from that stall near the park in your colony to relishing fried serving of noodles near their tuition center, there is nothing which meets your definition of good food. Can you do something to control all this?

The answer is yes, you can check all these bad habits to some extent if you follow these tips:

Educate your family: The foodie within each of us is always greedy for yummy flavors. But we need to understand that the road of life has many detours and health problems always come unannounced. So we need to talk about the benefits of staying healthy and drawbacks of bad health when we are with family. Share examples of people common in your social who are suffering health issues due to bad eating habits and not-so-healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry if they are apparently not paying attention to what you are talking about, their brains are still naturally grasping it and they will unconsciously try to refrain from unhealthy habits. It is believed that if these values are instilled in the minds of kids from childhood they gradually tend to drive their way of life accordingly. The best time to do this is perhaps when they chit chat with you in a friendly mood. They may not follow this immediately but they will surely gradually learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and this will benefit them in the long run.

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Make Quick yet yummy food: Whenever you have time fix a quick meal and which can be stored for a day so that whenever you and your family members are hungry, they have something handy to dig into. This could be some tasty sandwiches, stuffed breads, boiled corns, boiled dalia in which they just need to add milk and sugar before eating or simply keep satchels of Quaker oats which can be cooked in almost 2-3minutes. These oats come in different flavors all of your loved ones can find at least one of their favorite flavors, from their wide range, to eat when they feel hungry. Or if you have been successful in making them love dairy products, you can simply have a chunk of cottage cheese diced into small cubes and eaten with a little salt and oregano with a smooth dip. This is very popular in Indian families and if kids have a serving of these with their glass of milk every evening, they would avoid munching on street food when they go out with friends later.

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Discipline yourself and set an example: This may be a little uneasy initially but as you get into a habit of waking up just 15 minutes early to stretch and bend for your early morning exercise before rushing to office, you will start loving it. This will keep you active and give you a sense of good healthy all day. You may even be motivated to be meticulous about your diet and disciplined routine as far as you can. This way you will also set an example for your growing up kids and rest of the family to appreciate healthy living habits.

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