Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

How does your diet treat your body – pampers just the taste buds or does it also nourish it? Does your lifestyle compliment your diet habits? These are two questions you must always ask yourself to determine if you are leading a suitable lifestyle or not.

An average individual has a casual approach towards food intake and consumes a lot of junk food and alcohol. This when accompanied with sedentary lifestyle leads to problems like obesity and high cholesterol problems? Following are certain tips to help you prevent and cope with these problems:

Exercise: It is believed that a minimum of 15mins of exercise every day is very important to keep the functions of the body smooth. It not only keeps your joints healthy but also helps you maintain weight by burning calories. Researches have shown that regular exercise can help in reducing LDL or bad cholesterol and raise HDL also known as good cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. It also helps in controlling diabetes and reducing blood pressure. Hence, regular exercise makes for an active and healthy lifestyle which is necessary to stay fit.

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Oats: These are heart healthy and nourishing. They are a rich source of soluble as well as insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre helps in reducing low density lipo-protein (LPL) or the bad cholesterol. During digestion, fibre turns into a gooey mass and these soluble fibres stick to bad cholesterol in the intestines and don’t let it get absorbed in the track. Therefore it is excreted by the body leaving it unaffected by the harmful effects of LPL. Other than this, oats also have other noteworthy benefits like preventing constipation, controlling diabetes, boosts energy, helps in fighting osteoporosis, reduces blood pressure, advised pregnancy diet etc. These can easily be made a part of your routine diet plan to enjoy their best benefits. There are plenty of different flavors available in market which can be instantly prepared, oats can be ground into a powder and mixed into wheat flour you use for your daily roti, add a little to the pulses which cooking, etc. since they do not have a strong flavor they can be added to almost everything and consumed in delicious recipes.

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Don’t Depend on Machine: Lifts or elevators and escalators, short-ride vehicles like rikshaws, auto-rikshaws etc. may seem convenient but they only take away your opportunity to be active. Let the joints of your body workout when you walk a mile keeping your back straight so that you don’t develop any muscle or joints problem. Instead of using lifts to your office or home, try to climb the stairs in correct posture so that any your back stays healthy and your knees don’t hurt no matter how old you get. Avail every chance to stay active by avoiding machines which reduce your stamina because an active lifestyle is necessary for a healthy body. As we grow, the tendencies to develop various health problems increase which results in painful treatments like that of slip discs, knee replacements, muscular diseases, neural disorders etc. No matter how old you get, if you lead a healthy lifestyle you will always be full of beans!

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