Top 10 Best Energy Drinks In India

Energy drinks have a prospering market in India and are easily available almost everywhere. This is because all of get tires and we cannot let fatigue stop us from accomplishing our daily goals. Hence, following is a list of top 10 energy drinks which support you in your daily routine:

1. Red bull

It is one of the highest selling energy drink in the world. The reason for ever increasing market share is because it has a flavor for almost everyone from among its eight variants to provide good level of energy to the body.

Red bull

2. Tzinga

It is our own Indian brand from the Hector Beverages Pvt. Ltd. and comes in 6 flavors viz. Lemon Mint, Tropical Trip, Mango Strawberry, Apple and Mango. Ever since it was launched in 2011, its popularity has been constantly increasing.


3. 7UP Revive

Another amazing product by PepsiCo, 7UP Revive is one of the best energy drinks in the market. It is India’s first hydrotonic which boosts your body with essential vitamins B3, B6 and B12 and electrolytes. It helps to replenish fluids in the body when you sweat and get tired and it also hydrate your body and you feel more energetic and active.

7UP Revive

4. Burn Energy Drink

Introduced by The Coca-Coal Company, Burn Energy Drink comes in 7 flavors – burn original, burn Tropical, burn Berry, burn Blue, burn Mocha Energy (Coffee-flavored and non-carbonated), burn Sugarfree and burn lemon ice.

Burn Energy Drink

5. Monster Energy

The famous tear-shaped M logo on the eye catching black can of Monster Energy drink is the core product range of the Hansen Natural Corp. (HANS). It comes in 12 variants Regular (green), Lo-Carb, Cuba Lima, Absolutely Zero, Übermonster, Assault, Khaos, M-80, Import, M3, VR46, Rehab, Ultra and Unleaded.

Monster Energy

6. Gatorade

Marketed as the sports fuel, it helps your body recover the energy loss during rigorous activity while sweating. It is another remarkable drink by PepsiCo which is available in 80 countries across the world.


7. Glucon D

Most of us have grown up with this name as it is one the best thirst quencher for time when one is tired and drained out of energy. The best aspect is that it is good for all age groups and unlike usual ones, it does not contain high amount of caffeine.

Glucon D

8. Café Cuba

With this carbonated coffee Parle Agro re-entered the market after 20 years. It is the next big thing for the coffee lovers as it enhances the experience with the aroma of roasted beans and a wonderful strong after taste. It comes in three packs of 250ml, 150ml and a Pet bottle of 500 ml hence bringing a coffee revolution.

Café Cuba

9. Dabur Glucose D

It is enriched with calcium and vitamins to boost our bodies with extra energy, vitamins, minerals and body salts. Therefore it wards off tiredness and fatigue caused due to summer heat or extreme physical activity. It contains High grade Dextrose, Monohydrate, Vitamin D and Calcium and is very good for growing children and sportspersons.

Dabur Glucose D

10. B’lue Energy Drink

It is slightly different from the usual energy drinks as it is enriched water which acts like energy booster and comes in three variants Apple, Peach and Guava. It is free from caffeine, preservatives and artificial colors and this fact makes it healthier.B’lue Energy Drink

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