Top Trending fitness Trackers for Health Freaks

If you are a little chunky and looking forward to get fit in this New Year, than you can follow up your resolution to get fit via fitness tracker. A fitness tracker lets you monitor your fitness regime without provoking the need for any sort of exertion or gym. In today’s busy schedule, it’s quite hard to get strict to certain dietary or workout schedules. Most of us look for easy to follow things which let us avail the benefits of being fit. For such freaks, the fitness gadgets play the perfect role.

Unlike proper athlete’s requirement, these gadgets are for casual use like to track walking and sleeping. Some are there that tracks running too but those are available in limited edition only. So, these trackers are best suited to track your daily steps which lets you maintain your daily fitness regime.

From so many top fitness trackers, it quite difficult to find the best suited for you. The market is full of several branded fitness bands like Fitbit, Jawbone, etc but the query stuck around the actual need of the individual rather picking up the right brand. To spot the right band for you, let’s have a glance at the features of some of the renowned name available.

Fitbit Charge HR: Fitbit leads its other competitors in the list by offering multiple features in its fitness tracker. Best known for heart rate monitoring, this band also notifies step tracking and sleep monitoring. Also, it is used in stop watch mode for your workout schedules.

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband, Large (Black)

Jawbone UP2: a renowned wearable known for its comfort level and good looks it offers. An accurate step tracking gadget that suits well for sleep monitoring also. It’s basically the most suited wearable option that represents better value for money with its perfect combination of features.

Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker for iOS and Android (Black Diamond)

Microsoft band 2: this wearable comes with a slight difference of carrying a GPS tracker in its features. It offers a close watch over accurate running, stepping, sleeping and heart rate. Above all, its GPS sports tracking feature make it unique and different from the rest.


Microsoft Band 2 – Large

Moov Now:  A clip like strap to wear around your leg just to monitor your sporting activities. This decent activity band not just only monitor your steps and sleep but also helps you in getting excelled in your favorite sport right from swimming , running to cycling. Basically it’s an advanced sports coach that aims at making you better at your favorite sports.


Moov NOW Personal Coach Workout Tracker Stealth Black

Misfit Flash: It’s a superb budgeted fitness band packed with the tech features of steps and sleep tracking along with swim tracker. Its budgeted feature makes it more comfortable for the users.

Misfit Flash

Misfit Wearables

Currently, FitBit unveiled a new fitness focused smartwatch named FitBit Blaze that carries a colored touch screen display which synced with the Smartphone and aids in displaying workout data and other notifications to the user. On the contrary, HTC announces its new fitness tracker named UA HealthBox to measure sleep, fitness and nutrition of the user. The box is composed of a fitness band, a heart rate monitor and a smart scale.

Being into strict workout is not so difficult unless and until you have something to monitor the schedules. With fitness trackers, you can easily put an eye on your fitness efforts. These are something

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