What Every Woman Should Know About Bra Shopping

Who hasn’t been that gawky teenager going around school with a book in hand covering her chest? All of us have had body issues and sometimes if proper information is not available to us, these body issues may become a bigger part of our personality affecting our confidence in our formative years. In a country where buying bras or women’s underwear is still awkward, it is very important for the hypocritical society to shed such unwanted and baseless inhibitions.

First and foremost, don’t be shy to speak out. Ask your mother or whom so ever you are the most comfortable with about the changes occurring in your body. Even for all the tomboys out there, do take this seriously, no matter how boring it may seem. Now let us get down to the basics- A ladies’ bra size is differentiated by a specific number and letter. The number denotes the band size and the letter is used to denote the cup size.

How do I know that I have found the perfect bra?

  • The shoulder straps should not cut into your shoulders nor should it be so loose that it slips off it.
  • The bottom seam of the bra should fall in a straight line from your under-bust and should run parallel to the floor around the back.
  • The belt and the cups should fall flush against your skin.
  • If it wrinkles, then it is too big and if your skin bulges around, it is too large.
  • The bra should keep the chest region in place and stop any movement from taking place.
  • If you take a bra with an underwire, make sure that it does not dig into your ribs.

Having the perfect size of bra can improve the posture of your body and accentuate its features.

How to measure the chest?

  • Now-a-days there are many simple ways to determine which bra size is the best for you.
  • You can straightaway fire up Google and search for ‘bra size calculator’ and then you will be good to go.
  • To calculate the bra size you would first have to input your band size and your cup size- You have to take off your shirt so that there is no discrepancy.
  • For cup size, measure the fullest part of your chest and for the band size measure your under-bust i.e. the area around your ribs just below your breasts. Stand straight and keep your arms down while measuring.


If you cannot do it yourself, the saleswoman at any store dealing in ladies bra would do it for you. It’s going to be awkward but worth it. Wait! Your job doesn’t end here. After you have found the perfect bra, learn to take care of it properly. Hand wash it if it is delicate and never wear the same bra twice or else you will just be inviting bacteria to take up place in your body. Know when it’s time to let the bra go when it is no longer capable of performing its duties. Don’t set for anything less than perfect. The perfect one will accentuate your body and will boost your confidence.

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