What to wear This Valentine Day?

Valentine Day it is an awaited day for our couples and lovers. With the pre-planned preparations of what the place would be to what should I talk about, everything is been thought with utmost care. However, the question which haunts many of our love birds is what to wear this Valentine day. So, here we are to help you with ideas which will assist you in deciding what to wear on the D-day.

For Girls:

Yes, we are taking care of GIRLS first, as we don’t want our lover boy to wait for you for hours *wink wink*. So here we are to help you with this mysterious question.

First crucial step is to make sure you are comfortable in what you wear, it should be effortless and easy to carry, don’t forget to reveal some skin. Now, some means little bit which arouse his curiosity and stay as mystery.

Options of colors should be limited to either choose from bright or make it balanced with neutral or bright color, for example short dress, or a sexy ruffle skirt or a turtleneck top with midiskirt, or whenever in worries, your little black dress is always there to save you.

Keep jewelry and make up to minimum, make sure you wear comfortable shoes if you can’t wear heels do not try them on D-day, toppling is not a good thing.

Carry a small clutch or handbag; it should be small enough to carry your touch up like lip gloss and kohl or eyeliner and your mobile, with some cash and cards.

For Guys:

Don’t be nervous as girls look for confidence and caring attitude more than the branded clothes. Idea should be to keep it simple and minimal.

Nothing can go wrong with a classy watch, yes Men’s watch and Shoes say a lot about personality. Make sure you have matching shirt and shoes.

Don’t forget to wear a good perfume and a great hairstyle, shampoo your hair twice and use moisturizer on your skin. Make sure you hide your zits and acne too with the help of a ban blemish.

Your lips should be well nourished too; nobody would like to see patchy, rough lips on your face.

If you love colors nothing is wrong with green and blue or red, however it should be balanced with grey or white or black. Grey pants with blue shirt and brown belt, brown shoes and brown watch. You can also wear denim with grey t-shirt and same color shoes and jacket.

Still same goes for guys, simplicity with elegance and confidence will work more.

Do not forget to add smile fellas, crucial to wear every day.

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