Which Writing Instrument Do You Use?

Can you imagine a world without written script? Ever since world began to exist, written expression has had maximum value in learning and growth. It is the best way to record anything and everything from history to data to literature and everything else that one comes across and needs to restore for a longer period of time. It is also considered to be the best way to teach and sharpen motor skills at a tender age.  But gradually the art of writing became a boring and monotonous job and commonly available writing instruments made this task even more tedious.

However, in 1984 the invention of gel pens made a huge difference to the whole scenario enriching the experience of the writer with a technologically advance writing instrument. Gradually the use of this wonderful invention became widespread and these days gel pens are available almost everywhere. As a matter of fact they are so easily available that we can even order these pens online. Moreover some of the elite varieties of these are now counted in the category of fine writing instruments appropriate for gifting as well as personal use.

Two most commonly used pens these days are ball pens and gel pens. Ballpoint pens use a paste like ink based on a dye solute in an alcohol solvent, however, the ink used in a gel pen has pigment suspended in a water based gel. The benefit is that the ink is opaque and thick and therefore it shows more clearly on surfaces which are dark and slick. This makes the writing more attentions grabbing and hence helps in developing focus on the document. And since the inks of ballpoint pens and felt tip pens are not as impactful, they do not play any role in improving the focus and ultimately memory of reader.

One of the primary advantage of gel pen is that of its high viscosity and this helps in supporting a higher proportion of pigments in the medium. These pigments are largely copper phthalocyanine and iron oxide and the gel in it is made up of water and biopolymers. And therefore the pigments are opaque and easily available in all the colors as well as opalescent, metallic and glitter colors which show clearly on dark paper.

This makes them more popular among people from all walks of life. They are durable which makes them specifically good for the students and other users who like to keep these handy and use them on the go all through the day.

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