Write it Right

“Shower your thoughts or bleed your heart, excite or ignite, all you need to do is WRITE it right”

They say ‘change is constant’, but there is another thing, rather a skill which remains with us all through! It is the art of writing, the craft of recording language and keeping it illustrious forever.

Writing is surely the best way to keep our memoirs safe, to record our growth and to go through the process of progress. This is one skill which cannot be ignored if one needs to live in this world and prosper.

I personally believe ball pens and gel pens are one of the most important writing instruments which supports you through and is far better than their other counterparts like the stylish fountain pens and pilot pens etc. Reason being they hardly ever bleed ink and you can confidently and comfortably carry them with you in your diary bookmarking the notes’ page, in your breast pocket marking your style statement for work, in your planner marking your convenience and in your bag marking your flair and efficiency. They may not be as chic as the curvy nib cousins they have for occasional use, but are surely much more convenient.

These are ideal for writing on the go, taking random notes and penning down ideas when you are in a usual not-so-careful mode and using a handle-with-care instruments like fountain pens. These are rather quick and suitable for every-time use.

Moreover, you don’t even need to bother while giving them to someone else to write something. While on the other hand, you hesitate when someone asks to borrow your expensive fountain pens as their nibs are very specific to the user. So, you won’t have qualms sharing your budget friendly ball pens as they can be handled by anyone in your office, home or anywhere else and will always give you the same performance. This is my favorite advantage of using this awesome device in day to day routine.

Now this one last and most important benefit of using this wonderful invention of ball pen and gel pen is that their ink dries quickly. So if for left handed writers, it is most convenient. Because if you use an ink pen or a fountain, most of the times your will have your hand smeared with ink which is looks aesthetically bad. Especially if your little child in school is using a fountain pen for taking notes, his colorful hand will leave a bad impression on teachers and can be marked down in hygiene and cleanliness. However, you can always request his teachers to understand and let him use a gel pen which writes as good as a fountain pen and lets the child’s notebooks stay neat and tidy. And of course, it is a myth that they have an impact on your handwriting, as writing is a skill which matures with practice and time and if you practice using the same nib from the beginning, it is always better instead of first practicing with a fine nib of ink pens and them switching to a ball pen. So let your child gain precision at an early stage.

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Also, some of us are more artistic than other and get into some exceptionally creative graffiti, scribbles and doodles to give ourselves a break from our monotonous routine work and of course a gel pen is our best friend for this urge too.

Choose it well and write it right!!!

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