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Factually, there are two common ways to lose weight-planned diet and regular exercise. Beside these, there is no magical shortcut that can help you to reduce your weight. Following a regular workout along with a strict diet plan helps you to reap long term result in losing weight. But initiating such practice in today’s busy routine is quite difficult. Unlike these measures, there are some natural remedies which you can easily try in the comfort of your home and that allow quick result without any negative consequence.

The home remedies are natural in basis and can help you achieve your ultimate goal of slim body in coordination with healthy diet and regular workout. It implies that you have to continue with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise in your daily routine along with the intake of home remedies. By following this, you will surely reach your targeted weight loss without any negative consequence.

Some of the ways to treat weight gain are:

Lime Juice with honey: To keep you fit and slim, lime juice and honey mixed with lukewarm water is the most useful remedy. Its dosage is taken in the proportion of one teaspoon of honey mixed with half of lime in lukewarm water taken frequently. Its early morning intake helps the most in targeting the goal.

Cabbage: Cabbage carries tartaric acid that helps in preventing the conversion of carbohydrates and sugar into fat in the body. Being the excellent home remedy for quick weight loss, you can turn out your meal into cabbage salad and see the result.

Lemon Juice: this remedy recalls for a diet of lemon juice only. This remedy follows with the intake of water for the first day of diet plan. The second day, the person should take lemon juice containing three lemons at frequent intervals. Approx twelve lime can be taken by a person in a day. From third day, the quantity of lime should be reduced following a target of three limes in a day. The process is the best remedy to cure overeating habit and rising weight.

Tomato: begin your morning diet i.e. breakfast with the intake of one or two ripe tomatoes and follow it for two months without taking a break. You will surely find the difference in your body and weight. It is the most important remedy to make you look slim.

Papaya: Replace your dinner with the papaya soup and follow this routine for two to three months. You will find that this remedy really works. For fast weight loss, this trick works well.

Ginger: follow the habit of chewing a few slice of ginger before meals. It will help you in losing more without affecting your daily routine. Also, you can grate some ginger into lime juice and drink it daily to lose out some more kilos from your body.

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Apart from the above home remedies, you can pick a natural remedy known as Garcinia Cambogia which is also known as Malabar Tamarind that helps the body in blocking the ability to make fat. Also it keeps the blood sugar and cholesterol level managed. By consuming Garcinia extract, you can put break on your appetite and find yourself on the track of getting slim.

Losing weight is no more difficult nowadays. The thing is you need to follow some remedies along with a healthy diet plan and exercises.

Written by Abhinash Chaudhary
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