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Everything you need to know about UPSC Topper Ayan Jain – AIR 16 UPSC Topper 2024

Ayan Jain – Biography

Ayan Jain, a graduate of IIT Delhi hailing from a family of civil servants, has elevated his rank to secure AIR 16 in the fiercely contested civil services examination.

His remarkable journey, from an aspirant to attaining the esteemed All India Rank (AIR) 16 and emerging as a top performer in UPSC 2023, is a profound source of inspiration among the aspirants of the nationwide UPSC civil service exam.

Ayan Jain – UPSC Marksheet

Ayan Jain an IITian from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh made history by cracking the UPSC CSE of 2023. He secured an impressive rank of 16 by securing 1032 marks. He secured a total of 870 marks in his mains and a total of 160 marks in his Personal Interview.

Ayan Jain – Family Background

Ayan Jain – Educational Background

Ayan is someone who has a bright future ahead of him because his educational accomplishments demonstrate that he never gives up, works hard, and is smart.

Ayan Jain – Cadre Preference

Ayan Jain’s cadre preference for UPSC is IAS followed by IPS and IFS.

When inquired as to whether he would like to join the MP unit like his sibling, Ayan Jain expressed that his inclination would rely upon the accessibility of opportunities, yet Madhya Pradesh was positively his best option.

Ayan Jain – UPSC Journey

Ayan Jain began his UPSC planning when he was in his third year of graduation.

However, karma inclined toward him as he accomplished the 16th rank in his third attempt, reflecting his sibling Arth’s accomplishment. This contributes a lot of enjoyment for their whole family.

Ayan Jain – Optional and Preparation

Ayan Jain mentioned that he had utilized the interview guidance program, current affairs, and mock interview preparation from online resources.

Furthermore, he underscored the means of his standard preparation in his UPSC planning methodology with respect to his optional paper in which he picked math.

He put extraordinary efforts into managing time due to the vastness of the syllabus, both of GS papers as well as his optional ones.

Ayan Jain – Success Story

Ayan Jain was one of the toppers and passed UPSC on his third attempt. Pondering his experience, the UPSC clincher encourages future aspirants to acquire an extensive comprehension of the test design and to cultivate a feeling of positive thinking. He highlights the meaning of building mental strength to successfully deal with the pressure that comes with the test.

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