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Full form of B.TECH

B.TECH Full form

B.TECH Full form or What is the meaning of B.TECH in Study – The Word B.TECH Stands for Bachelor of Technology. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is an expert undergrad science certificate program granted to applicants after the culmination of four …

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Full form of B.Ed

B.ED Full form

B. Ed Full form or What is the meaning of B.Ed in Study – The Word B.Ed Stands for Bachelor of Education. Viewed as the noblest calling, Teaching has consistently been one of the most well known profession decisions among …

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Full form of B.COM

B.COM Full form

B.COM Full form or What is the meaning of B.COM in Study – The Word B.COM Stands for Bachelor of Commerce. A Bachelor of Commerce (condensed Bcom. or then again BComm.; additionally, baccalaureates commerce) is a college degree in trade …

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Full form of ADS

ADS Full form

ADS Full form or What is the meaning of ADS in Medical – The Word ADS stands for Acquired Demyelinating Syndrome. The obtained demyelinating syndromes (ADS) about the average worried system are a heterogeneous group concerning exciting disorders, by and …

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Full form of AFI

AFI Full form

AFI Full form or What is the meaning of AFI in Medical- The Full form of AFI is Amniotic Fluid Index. AFI is an ultrasound procedure wont to assess the quantity of amnionic fluid. The Amnionic Fluid index is measured …

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Full form of AFB

AFB Full form

AFB Full form or What is the meaning of AFB in Medical- The Word AFB stands for Acid-Fast Bacilli. A corrosive quick microscopic organisms (AFB) culture is done to see whether you have tuberculosis (TB) or another mycobacterial contamination. Other …

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ARDS Full form

Full Form of ARDS in Medical

The Word ARDS meaning is Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Intense respiratory pain disorder (ARDS) is a problematic lung condition. It generally happens when any liquid tops off the air sacs into your lungs. An excessive amount of liquid in your …

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