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Full form of AFI

AFI Full form or What is the meaning of AFI in Medical- The Full form of AFI is Amniotic Fluid Index. AFI is an ultrasound procedure wont to assess the quantity of amnionic fluid. The Amnionic Fluid index is measured by dividing the uterus into four imaginary quadrants.

The linea nigra is employed to divide the uterus into left and right halves. The umbilicus is the dividing point for the lower and upper halves. amnionic fluid Index may be a quantitative estimate of amnionic fluid and an indicator of fetal well-being. it’s a neighborhood of the biophysical profile.

An AFI between eight to eighteen is taken into account normal. An AFI but five to 6 is taken into account as Oligohydramnios and above all the precise number can vary by fetal age. The fifth percentile for fetal age is usually used as a cutoff value. An AFI quite twenty-four to twenty-five is taken into account as polyhydramnios.

The causes of low amnionic fluid are thanks to leaking or rupture of membranes, placental problems, birth defects or maternal complications. beverage helps your body repel painful tract infections.

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