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Top 12 IAS Interview Preparation Strategy & Tips by UPSC Toppers

Let me tell you that IAS Interview Preparation Strategy by UPSC Toppers is the key to success. It can certainly help you a lot in the right way preparation and make your path to success easy. Do read and follow it regularly to save your time and wastage of your efforts.

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Civil Services Exam, is attempted by lakhs of candidates each year. It is considered the toughest competitive exam in India. The exam is taken by the Union Public Service Commission for selecting the most deserving officers for the All-India Administrative Civil Service. The examination is hard but IAS interview tips by IAS toppers can play a vital role.

The IAS is the most prestigious administrative civil service of the Government of India and in the terms of hierarchy, it is the highest administrative post among other services like IPS, IFS, etc. The IAS topper’s preparation strategy can prove very useful for the applicants.

IAS exam is organized each year to appoint the most qualified and eligible appropriate candidates for the jobs. Though the final selection is made considering the UPSC mains marks and interview marks, many times the interview high-scorers top the final selection list too. The coaching from a top IAS coaching institute and IAS interview preparation tips play an important role in getting a great score.

The interview is not about testing an individual’s knowledge rather it’s more about their personality. In case you are preparing for the IAS exam and want to know how to prepare for the IAS interview then refer to our IAS Interview Preparation Strategy by UPSC Toppers discussed here to crack the interview like an expert.

Top 12 Useful IAS Interview Preparation Tips

#1. Start early

Rather than waiting for the results of the UPSC Civil Services Main Exam, you must start preparing for the interview the sooner it is possible. Start polishing your personality and improve your communication skills that play an important role in your overall development.

#2. Know your-self

Try to spend some quality time with yourself and know different aspects of your personality, even the ones that are hidden. Try to work on your weaknesses and work on them. A human being has many skins inside, that covers the depths of the hearts. Though we know many things, still knowing oneself is important, especially while preparing for the IAS interview.

#3. Go through your DAF

Candidates who have declared the written exam are supposed to fill up the Online Detailed Application Form (DAF) and preparing the same means getting your half work done. Candidates are expected to spend a thoughtful time while preparing for DAF-based questions in the Interview. The majority of the questions asked in the UPSC interview are based on the biodata of the candidate. The photocopy of the DAF will be shared with each of the board members; thus it is important to go through all the information mentioned in your bio-data. Revise your DAF several times and prepare well for questions from areas like hobbies, education, experience, service, preferences, and much more.

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#4. Have a positive attitude

Have a positive attitude and don’t let negative thoughts ruin your chances of getting success in an IAS interview. Don’t worry about the matters like interview board, position, kind of questions, etc. as they are not in your control. All you need is to develop a positive mindset and hope for the best. Every applicant should follow IAS interview tips for better results and success.

#5. Stay motivated

No one wants people for the post like IAS who lack motivation. While appearing for an IAS interview, if you are sure about your beliefs, answers, or solutions, just express them with utmost confidence. It is one of the most beneficial IAS interview preparation tips that help you get a good score in the interview. But at the same time, don’t be overconfident. You need to differentiate between self-confidence and arrogance as it is much important.

#6. Don’t lie at any cost

Don’t make fake commitments or lie to impress the UPSC interview board, as it will ruin your performances. Never create fake facts in your bio-data as the majority of the time, it will easily get noticed by the interview conducting authorities.

#7. Boost your communication skills

Have a strong command over the language used by you in the UPSC interview. But along with being a good communicator, you must develop art to express your ideas completely. Listening to debates and news on television channels is one of the practical and easiest ways that help you improve your communication skills. You can talk to your friends and family members in the English or Hindi medium for a UPSC interview.

#9. Refer to the course textbooks

While going for the IAS Interview, don’t forget to go through your textbooks, as it is one area where the interview panel can ask questions. It is to know how much knowledge you have and how smartly you can present your thoughts.

#10. Try to give balanced answers

Your views on a particular topic must be balanced and impartial. Don’t give any answer that shows your political or social biasedness. Once you take a stand on controversial topics, try to give a satisfactory answer with complete justification for the same. Don’t give any general opinion without a proper base.

#11. Read more newspapers

Candidates must develop the habit of reading newspapers the moment they decide to give the UPSC exam. Knowing the latest information and current happenings is very important for the IAS interview. So refer to different newspapers that help you stay updated about the latest events and happenings. Develop familiarly about the major national and international happenings as questions related to the same asked in the IAS interview.

#12. Dress neat

Last but not least you must dress up smartly for the day after all first impression matters much. But it does not mean that you wear an expensive blazer or expensive watch, rather opt for decent and comfortable wear. For gents, a light-colored shirt and dark trousers are preferable as it gives a more professional touch, while ladies can wear a simple churidar or shirt and trouser. Whatever you wear, just make sure that it is not ill-fitting and let you breathe comfortably.

The candidates will be selected through the preliminary exam, main examination, and an interview/personality test. Adhere to the above-mentioned IAS topper’s preparation strategy to score high in the interview round. Utilize the available time more productively by focusing on the IAS exam essentials!!

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