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Best UPSC Test Series for UPSC 2024

In this article, you would get to know the importance of UPSC test series and also the list of best IAS test series available in the market.

IAS exams have 3 levels of the exam and these exams are really tough to crack. Be it Prelims, Mains or Personality test.

However, to clear the exam, mugging up the UPSC Syllabus is not the solution alone. IAS aspirants need smart solutions too.

Thus, they require assistance to clear the exam. One of the tools that Civil Services students prefer most that are test series.

To do better in the examination, students take the help of the best UPSC test series; be it the Prelims exam, Mains, or mock test.

These UPSC test series not only check the knowledge base of UPSC aspirants but also their accuracy and speed.

Importance of Civil Services Examination Test Series

Checks your knowledge base – The best UPSC test series checks your preparation level and lets you find your strengths and weaknesses.

Generally, the IAS test series is structured upon the previous year’s question papers. Thus, you get to understand the question pattern easily.

Good for increasing your speed – Since the UPSC prelims examination has 100 questions to solve in 2 hrs, thus your speed matters the most. You need to be fast in answer writing as well.

Therefore, practicing the test series is the best way to increase speed.

Improves your Accuracy: It is said that Practice makes a man perfect. However, I disagree and I feel “Perfect Practice makes a man perfect”. These test series be it online or offline brings the best of you.

If you practice it with perfection then you are more likely to succeed in the Civil Services exam.

List of best IAS test Series 2024-25

1. Vajiram and Ravi Prelims Test Series

If you are an IAS aspirant and haven’t gone through the Vajiram IAS Test series then preparation is half-baked.

This UPSC coaching has a dedicated team to set the test series. Therefore, you get the best questions set by the best teachers in the industry.

It offers CSAT test series and the GS test series. And, Vajiram runs an offer also if you take them both combined.

The price of the test is approximately Rs 7000. Notably, you get 25 to 30 sets by paying this amount.

Test Link – Please click here

2. IAS Baba UPSC Test Series

IAS Baba has been a trusted name amongst the students in the last few years.

Its series is detailed and based on the examination pattern. Moreover, the questions match is surprisingly high in the real exam.

You could attempt three times for one test and it’s flexible in terms of timing.

Additionally, you get a PDF of each test question along with answers. So that your doubts get answered.

It comprises a total of 50 tests in a series and the charge is approximately Rs 7000.

The complete list is here for you.

3. Byju’s IAS Test Series 2024-25

Byju’s is a trustworthy name if it comes to education. It’s not only famous for academic teaching but also competitive exams.

The teachers, the technology, and the approach are highly effective. Its test series is sought after by UPSC students.

Additionally, you can take free mock tests as well. Apart from taking its mock test, you can also opt for its DNA classes.

Moreover, It provides an depth analysis of current events happening across the world.

I like Byju’s app because I find this app enough for the UPSC preparation from all perspectives.

If you want to take its paid test series 2020 then you may have to pay approximately Rs 10,000.

To enroll in Byju’s test series – Click here

4. Mrunal.app

Mrunal sir’s name is as famous as Tajmahal in Agra. The reason for success is never-ending guidance and results each year.

Approximately, every second student approaches Mrunal sir for insights in some way or other.

Mrunal sir’s test series is curated with high effectiveness. Not only that, but some questions also match the same to the same in the real exam.

What else do you want in a test series if you want to clear the exam?

All you need to do is just download the app, enroll for it, and start taking the test.

Apart from UPSC, the Mrunal. app also offers test series for SSC, RRB, academics, etc. This must be in your list of test series 2021.

5. Vision IAS Test Series

Vision IAS also comes in the list of best IAS test series. However, it’s a little expensive.

However, pricing has not affected the demand for the Vision IAS test series. Mains test of Vision IAS is of unmatched quality.

Notably, you get a set of 35 sets, in which 8 fundamentals, 17 applied, and 10 full tests. Moreover, you also get supplementary and value-added materials.

Vision IAS also offers expert help through call or email. Recently, it is going to launch its online test series as well in the wake of COVID-19.

To schedule the test series, you need to contact its office. The charges are approximately Rs 16,000 for the complete 35 sets.

The complete list is here for you.

6. Insight IAS Test Series 2024-25

Insight IAS is on the list of best IAS test series 2024 because of the inclusiveness of the topics in its test series.

It offers a subject-wise test series along with conservative programs. Insight IAS test series is very competitive and delivers good results.

Not to mention, you get a downloadable PDF of questions and answers for each test.

Notably, many UPSC toppers have practiced the Insight IAS test series and they got results from it. Moreover, it’s also very pocket-friendly. You can buy 64 tests by paying just Rs 6500.

It also offers a CSAT test series which costs you only Rs 1560 for 12 tests.

Website – https://www.insightsonindia.com/

7. Drishti IAS Test Series

This UPSC coaching is best for students who are preparing for Hindi Medium. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for English Medium students.

Drishti IAS has helped several IAS aspirants in clearing the Civil Services examination. Therefore, you get good guidance here along with study materials and test series.

This Civil Services coaching offers test series via Offline and online mediums.

Charges of the Drishti IAS test series range from Rs 6000 to Rs 7500. Moreover, online test series are chapters rather than offline test series.

You can take the test series by clicking on the link.

8. Classic IAS Academy Test Series

Classic IAS academy test series are mainly innovation and research-based modules.

Its emphasis is on comprehensive coverage of the UPSC prelims syllabus. And, it covers up to 85% of it.

Additionally, it enables Civil Services students for the auto-activated retake feature. Moreover, it claims that you would learn more in less time by taking its Prelims test series 2021.

The charges for the test series are approximately Rs 4500.

Website – https://www.classiciasacademy.com/

9. Clear IAS Test Series 2021

This app has been home to many successful Civil Services candidates because of its quality and consistency.

Clear IAS test series are mainly online based. It offers a complete range of tests for all subjects.

Additionally, it is running an offer of a 40% discount on its test series.

The total cost of the test series is Rs 4999 and you get almost 40+ tests. Therefore, the effective cost per test is less than a Starbucks coffee.

If I were you, I would not be avoiding the Clear IAS test series.

The Trust by Toppers Test series link is here – Click

10. IAS Solution Test Series

However, the IAS solution test series is new in the market as compared to others. But, it has surprised everyone with the quality of the Prelims test series.

The quality of the questions is very good. Moreover, the question set is in alignment with the previous year’s questions which is a crucial factor.

You get a PAN India competition platform at one place so you can also check your level. Moreover, you get the CSAT test series separately.

IAS solution also provides detailed Answer Keys for revision purposes.

The charge for the IAS solution is only Rs 2999 for 40 test series.

Frequently Asked Questions about IAS Test Series 2024

Q1. Which is the best Mains Test series?

Ans- Vision IAS Test series is preferred by most Civil Services students because of its quality and detailed coverage. – Click Here

Q2. Is the Vajiram Test series good?

Ans – The Vajiram Test series is created with detailed research and in alignment with the previous year’s questions. It is one of the best UPSC test series.

Q3. Which test series is better for UPSC Prelims?

Ans – Almost all the above-listed test series are good but Vajiram and Byju’s IAS test series are best amongst the lot.

Q4. When can I join the prelims Test series?

Ans – There is no such time to join the test series but once your Syllabus is completed and revised properly then only you should think of taking the test series.

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