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Shivam Kumar: Rank 19 UPSC Topper 2023

Everything you need to know about UPSC Topper Shivam Kumar – AIR 19 UPSC Topper 2024

  • Name : Shivam Kumar
  • Hometown/City : Bithan Village, Samastipur
  • District (Bihar)
  • Roll Number : 0331058
  • Year of Appearance : 2023
  • Attempts : Fourth
  • Optional subject : Mathematics
  • Age : 29 years
  • Graduated in : BTech (IIT Kharagpur)
  • Total marks secured : 1029 (842 in main, 187 in Personal Interview)

Shivam Kumar – Biography

Hailing from a small village in Bihar’s Samastipur district, Bithan, the young Shivam Kumar has proved if you put your heart into something then success will not be too far from you. This proved itself when the results of this year’s UPSC CSE were announced on 16th April.

With the results announced, happiness spread across Bithan, especially in the house of Tebriwal where Shivam Kumar, the son of Pradeep Tebriwal, secured an outstanding rank of 19 in the toughest UPSC civil service examination.

Shivam Kumar is already in the IRS with his last year’s success in securing the 309 rank but his dream of becoming an IAS officer kept him trying for the fourth time in which he fulfilled his long-standing dream.

Shivam Kumar – UPSC Marksheet

Shivam Kumar, 29, from Bihar’s Bithan village, surprised everyone with his achievement in cracking the UPSC CSE of 2023. Shivam scored a stellar 1029 marks in total.

In his mains examination, he secured a total of 842 marks. As for his personal interview, Shivam secured a total of 187 marks. Shivam’s marks are a reflection of his unyielding determination and relentless efforts which in then paid him off.

Shivam Kumar – Family Background

Shivam Kumar belonging to the Samastipur District’s Bithan village is the son of Pradip Tebriwal a pharmacist and Santoshi Devi a homemaker.

Shivam’s father runs a small medicine store in Bithan. Shivam’s parents were very supportive of his dream and were very happy about his success.

Shivam Kumar – Educational Background

  • Shivam Kumar started his education by doing his primary education in Saraswati Shishu Mandir of Bithan.
  • After his primary education, he enrolled in PSP High School village of Bithan.
  • Then for his matriculation, he went to St Xavier School of Muzaffarpur for his 12th (intermediate).
  • After that, he appeared for the IIT-JEE for which he received coaching in Kota (Rajasthan) and secured a rank of 456 enabling him to get admission to IIT Kharagpur where he did his B.Tech.

Shivam’s educational background is a testimony of his calibre which later reflected on his UPSC journey as well.

Shivam Kumar – Work Experience

  • After completing his B.tech in IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Kharagpur, Shivam worked for the Bajaj company for three years.
  • He also worked for Mercedes Benz in Bengaluru for a brief period.

However, it was in serving society that Shivam had a genuine interest. Thus, he quit his job and started preparing himself for the UPSC exams. He briefly visited Delhi for the preparation as well.

Shivam Kumar – UPSC Preparation

Shivam Kumar started his UPSC preparation during the COVID-19 period. He was preparing while he was doing his job. In an interview, Shivam said that he would prepare himself with whatever time he gets after his job.

However, to make a full-fledged preparation he soon quit his job and went to Delhi to prepare himself fully. He said that you have to be consistent in your studies and have to study continuously every day a little more and more.

Shivam Kumar – Optional Subject

Shivam Kumar chose Mathematics as his optional, which resonates with his IIT background.

Shivam Kumar – Future Plan

After his success in cracking the UPSC exams, Shivam expressed his desire to serve his country. He said that all he wants to do is to offer the best of his service to whichever sector he gets. And that it is after that he can think of being able to provide justice. As for UPSC exams, he acknowledged the ruthless competitiveness of the exams and that through relentless efforts and trials, success will be aligned with the efforts put in.

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