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Why Kurukshetra Magazine is Must Read?

Reading Kurukshetra Magazine will help you in UPSC Prelims and Mains Essay writing. Because, this magazine gathers information through very reliable sources.

If you study this magazine regularly then you would be easily able to gauge what’s happening in the country on rural front.

Kurukshetra Magazine Importance

Kurukshetra Magazine is the government’s publications. Therefore, it shows the view of the government on various issues. Most importantly, this gives you a lot of insight on issues faced by rural people of India.

This magazine gives some insight into government initiatives, schemes and policies. And being an IAS officer, you need to know all these things. Therefore, this magazine is a must for every UPSC aspirant.

This magazine features several articles written by experts of the Industries such as ministers, economists and learned scholars. Additionally, It also features the data and descriptions related to

– Arising issues in agriculture in India and

– Rural development

You should refer to this magazine because a lot of questions are asked from this in UPSC Prelims as well as Mains and interviews. If you don’t want to miss out on important updates from the Indian government then this one magazine, you should not rule out.

Kurukshetra Magazine PDF download is available on various websites and it’s available in many languages. You could also download Kurukshetra Magazine PDF for free through PulsePhase as well.

How does Kurukshetra Magazine help in UPSC Exams

This magazine is useful in all three stages in the UPSC Exam- Preliminary, Mains and Interview. It is very useful to read this magazine regularly. Most importantly, It is also very affordable and will only cost you Rs 230/-

This magazine is a good source for original data. It also helps students get deep knowledge of government and its policies. Subsequently, this magazine helps the candidate to give insight into essay writing.

There have been questions that were asked in the mains examination General studies paper which were from this magazine.

The question were related to :

  • Integrated farming system role in sustainable agriculture production
  • Steps taken by government to make grain distribution effective
  • Policy taken by government to meet challenges of food producing sector

The Ethics paper in the mains exam requires students to write a practical solution for case studies. The Kurukshetra Magazine English highlights the best practices and factors that made the schemes successful. This also helps students to write essays.

In the Interview round the Interviewers appreciate students who have a clear understanding of government and their policies. They look for candidates who are aware and smart as their aim is to find future Indian Civil Servants.

Download Monthly Kurukshetra – Hindi & English

Frequently Asked Questions?

Question – Is Kurukshetra Magazine available in Punjabi & Gujarati?

Answer – This magazine is published in 13 different languages. And, yes answer to your questions, it is available in Punjabi and Gujarati both.

Question – It is important to study Kurukshetra Magazine?

Answer – If you are preparing for UPSC exams then you should not be even asking this question. Without reading this magazine you would not be able to write your essay answer. This magazine is a true source for all the government related works for rural India.

Question – Which is better journal Yojana or Kurukshetra for UPSC preparation?

Answer – There is no right answer to this question. Both magazines hold important value and you should refer both for your UPSC exam preparation.

Question – Is Kurukshetra Magazine important for UPSC IAS prelims preparation?

Answer – Not reading this magazine can be a great mistake if you are preparing for UPSC exams. You should follow this magazine since the start day of your preparation.

Question – How can I get Kurukshetra Magazine offline?

Answer – Offline, it is available in every local book store. If you wish to purchase it online then you can buy it with Amazon. And, if you wish to download it for free then link is given below.

Question – How can I get Yojana Magazine for free?

Answer – The magazine is very cheap and it is easily available on many websites for free. You could also download it on PulsePhase.

Question – What is the Kurukshetra magazine Hindi price?

Answer – The price of one year subscription of this magazine will cost you Rs 230 inclusive of all taxes.

Question – How can I buy a Kurukshetra subscription online?

Answer – We couldn’t find any reliable source on Google to buy this magazine. The best way to buy is through Flipkart or Amazon. You could also download Kurukshetra Magazine PDF for free.

Question- Is Kurukshetra a monthly magazine?

Answer – Kurukshetra is a monthly magazine issued by the Ministry of information and broadcasting. You could take the subscription for either in Hindi or in English.

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