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Philosophy Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC


UPSC is a highly regarded test held in India. The competition is difficult because all graduates from all universities can apply for this examination. Due to its broad syllabus, it requires hard work and dedication to pull through. UPSC is the main recruitment agency for the Indian government; it is responsible for recruiting candidates for all Indian services, central services and cadres, and the Indian Union Armed Forces.

UPSC is mandated by the Indian Constitution to make an appointment to all services of India and Central Services Group A and B, and to develop and update the testing methodology for this recruitment with input from various departments. The commission headquarters is located in New Delhi.


Civil Service Examination is a national competitive examination in India carried out by the Union Public Service Commission recruiting various Indian government civil services. It has three phases: preliminary checks, main examinations (written tests and stage) and personality tests.

Candidates will be interviewed by members who are competent and impartial & will be questioned about the issue of public interest and candidates will be evaluated not only based on their intellectual quality but also in social characteristics, interests in mental alertness, critical strength adaptation, rational exposition


Philosophy is a study of general and fundamental problems regarding things like existence, knowledge, values, reasons, thoughts and languages. Coined from Greek words ‘Philos’ which means love and ‘sophia’ which means wisdom. As a result, the philosophy that underlies the Spirit is love of wisdom. Importantly, knowledge of philosophy allows us to understand the world and equip us to methodically face the challenges we encounter in pursuing advances and searches of excellence. All of this not only makes philosophical preparations very useful but also very interesting.


It is rather an important consideration to be efficient while choosing optional for civil service exams that we can prepare for the examination and prospect of security scores that allow us to appear extraordinary and ultimately convince us of success. Philosophy meets this requirement very well.

Because the subject emphasizes the method of understanding and coherence arguments, it is easy to understand during the preparation stage and as easy as the examination. Candidates choose philosophy as optional because it has the shortest syllabus in an electric exam. It only takes about 2 months to solve this problem, which saves time for public study papers. Optionally high on scores and current affairs do not play any part in the subject.


Students do not require a previous background to choose the philosophy as optional paper. Philosophy has a nickname as a parent of every discipline, because every other subject comes from it. Thus, philosophy like the most basic subjects, it is a fountainhead of every knowledge system and, therefore, it does not assume the previous knowledge of the subject. Widely, philosophy is divided into four parts, namely ;

  • THE SOCIO-POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY: both form core parts for paper-II of optional philosophical subjects. To prepare this, see the Hindu editorial and articles from monthly magazines such as Yojana and Kurukshetra. Discourse around important philosophical topics is often part of Hindu editorial
  • WESTERN PHILOSOPHY AND INDIAN PHILOSOPHY: Both of these topics are part of paper-1 of optional paper. In this paper, you must try 5 of 8 questions along with 2 mandatory questions from each sub-part of this paper. You can discuss Indian philosophy by reading Introduction to Indian philosophy by Satishchandra Chatterjee and important history of Western philosophy: Greece, medieval, and modern by Jacob still.
  • PRACTICE THE ANSWERS: after the preparation of the thorough topic mentioned above, pamper yourself in writing. Take advantage of your notes to write answers and make it evaluated from your mentors and experts
  • SEE THE TOPPERS ANSWERS SCRIPT: See the answer copy of the toppers to get an overview of how your answers must and practice answers to the same line.
  • REGISTER IN THE SERIES OF TESTS: Register yourself in the series so you can get a copy of your answer evaluated and get feedback from experts and mentors.


Philosophy can bring a drastic increase in the thoughts and writing of students, and also expand relevant assistance to essay papers.

The themes of paper essays direct the problems of democracy, justice, environment, corruption, gender, religion, caste, and the likes, which is the main theme of the philosophical paper.

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