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Public Administration Preparation Strategy for UPSC Exam

This article is dedicated to those students who are looking for public administration optional preparation strategy for UPSC Exam. This optional subjects preparation strategy will you to obtain good marks in the public administration optional exam.

Public Administration (Pub Ad for short) is one of the most loved and a favorite subject for UPSC aspirants. This is one of the most preferred subjects because of its conceptual nature. Many aspirants are not good at learning all things, so this can be the best choice for them. It can fetch you a high score in the exams if you proceed with it in the right direction. No doubt, a large number of people find it very difficult to comprehend this subject but if you can understand it properly then no power can stop you from scoring maximum in it.

Many aspirants go for this subject because it deals with the working of administration and its functionality that acts as an added advantage once you join the civil services. This is one of the most competitive optional subjects for which the aspirants go. So, to prove your mettle in it you have to prepare well and strategize your learning so that you can get an edge over others.

The proper preparation strategy will help you make a balanced plan for your study so that you can handle the stress and pressure of your exam. If you are the one who has opted for Public Administration, then this is the right guide for you to go with.

Public Administration Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC

Have a glance at this Article on Public Administration Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC. so that you can have a better virtue for preparation.

#1. Prepare Shorthand Notes

Making your handwritten notes is one of the best ways to prepare for this optional subject. Once you make the notes while preparing then it will give you better clarity about the subject. Moreover, a large number of doubts will be cleared if you write notes while studying and it will also help you in writing the answers at exam time. These notes will come to your rescue when you want to revise the topics again. So, make them vivid and short so that you can go through them whenever you want to revise.

#2. Have clarity about basic concepts

Public Administration is one of the most rigorous subjects that demand a high tendency of focus and hard work. You should make your basic concepts crystal clear. It will not only help you fetch good marks but will also make your conceptual strong. If you are not thorough with the concepts then you cannot score good marks in Pub Ad in any scenario. So, have clarity about the concepts before landing on another step of preparation.

#3. Memorize quotes from great thinkers

If you can cite quotes from prominent thinkers in your exam of Pub Ad, then you are surely going to fetch some extra marks than others. follow this preparation strategy for Public Administration optional subject and Try to remember some of the quotes or write them somewhere so that your eye always catches them. This will help you to memorize them and it will help you to a great extent while writing the answers on the day of the exam.

#4. Engross in some Test Series

If you are not taking the test at regular intervals, then you won’t be able to analyze your performance and Preparation Strategy of Public Administration UPSC. Taking the test acts as an eye-opener for your optional subject preparation. You can get an idea about the pattern of preparation you have opted for and whether it is working for you or not. You will also get to know the areas where you are strong or where you are lacking after giving the test. Most importantly, some candidates are not able to finish their exam in time, so these test series will also allow you to manage a rapport between the time and pressure that you face on the day of the exam.

#5. Solve previous year questions

Solving the previous year’s questions will give you a true idea about the exam pattern that you are going to witness on the day of the examination. If you solve the previous year’s papers, then you can understand the type of questions and your ability to understand the concepts, and how you can answer them. Maintain a separate notebook for solving it so that you can recall them easily whenever you want. This will help you prepare well for your UPSC exam.

Bottom line

Public Administration as an option subject no doubt poses a lot of problems for the candidates appearing for it, but if you understand the concepts and know the way to answer the questions effectively then you can score high marks with this optional subject. There is a neck-to-neck competition in it and to emerge out of it with flying colors, you have to stay focussed. Don’t lose your heart and motivation because if you are self-motivated, then you can surely accomplish your dreams. Stay calm and manage your day effectively. This is the golden key for the lock of your dreams.

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