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Akash Verma: Rank 20 UPSC Topper 2023

Everything you need to know about UPSC Topper Akash Verma – AIR 20 UPSC Topper 2024

  • Name : Akash Verma
  • Hometown/City : Noida, (Sector 93), Uttar Pradesh
  • Roll Number : 5804350
  • Year of Appearance : 2023
  • Attempts : Fourth
  • Optional subject : Electrical Engineering
  • Age : 29 years
  • Graduated in : BTech and MBA (IIT Delhi & IIM Kolkata respectively)
  • Total marks secured : 1028 (843 in main, 185 in Personal Interview)

Akash Verma – Biography

Mr. Verma’s journey to succeed in the UPSC (CSE) 2023 is a demonstration of his hard work, flexibility, and commitment.

Having cleared the UPSC CSE in 2021, but getting Indian Defense Account Service instead, he left on a journey to satisfy his dream of becoming an IAS. While the job experience offered significant learnings and valuable open doors, Akash Verma was more inclined towards IAS.

Even after failing multiple times in the upsc, he stayed committed to his goals and gave his all to crack the upsc exams. At long last, in his fourth attempt, he accomplished his goal by getting All India Rank 20 in the UPSC CSE 2023.

Akash Verma – UPSC Marksheet

Akash Verma, an alumni of IIT Delhi and IIM Kolkata made his dream come true by cracking this year’s UPSC CSE with a groundbreaking score making him one of the toppers with a 20th position across the country.

He secured a total of 1028 marks in the coveted exam. Moreover, he scored a total of 843 in the mains exam. In his personal interview, however, he scored a total of 185 marks. Akash’s strong academic background finds a sound presence in his performance in the civil service exam.

Akash Verma – Family Background

  • Akash Verma comes from a humble background, with his father working as a bank manager in Noida and his mom changing from the scholarly world to turn into a homemaker.
  • Akash gives credit for his success to the relentless help and guidance of his parents.
  • Perceiving his shortcomings from the get-go, they gave him vital guidance and support, imparting in him a strong outlook which is necessary for defeating difficulties. It was his parents who motivated him to get into IIT.
  • An admission to IIT made him certain to handle any difficulties throughout everyday life.

In his own words, Akash said that clearing IIT was a big thing and after that, exams have become a part of his life. This is true with Akash later cracking CAT for his MBA and then UPSC CSE twice.

Akash Verma – Educational Background

  • Akash Verma, hailing from sector 93 of Noida, UP is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi.
  • He also did his MBA (Master in Business Administration) from IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Kolkata.

Akash’s strong educational background finds a stern impression with him becoming one of the stalwarts of this year’s civil service examination with a stellar AIR 20.

Akash Verma – Optional and UPSC Preparation

  • In his initial attempts, Akash opted for Public Administration as his optional. This is due to the subject being a part of his MBA program. However, the outcome was not favourable for Akash.
  • In his later attempts including this year as well Akash changed his optional to Electrical Engineering, a subject he did his BTech in.
  • The switch turned out to be a lifesaver with Akash getting better marks furthering his UPSC journey.

Acknowledging the significance of coaching classes and test series, Akash Verma highlighted their job in breaking mental boundaries and refining writing skills which is critical for the test.

Besides, he brings up the benefits of mock interviews, expressing their importance in cultivating readiness for the difficulties that could come in the real screening.

Akash Verma – Future Plans

After cracking the UPSC CSE in his fourth attempt Akash Verma is all set to begin his journey as an IAS officer. Akash Verma is committed to utilizing his experiences to help the country and its infrastructure. His solid determination and capacity to return quickly from difficulties make him a good example for future aspirants of civil service across the country.

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