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Aniket Shandilya: Rank 12 UPSC Topper 2023

Everything you need to know about UPSC Topper Aniket Shandilya – AIR 12 UPSC Topper 2023

  • Name : Aniket Shandilya
  • Hometown/City : Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Roll Number : 5818509
  • Year of Appearance : 2023
  • Attempts : Fifth
  • Optional subject : Sociology
  • Age : 29 years
  • Graduated in : BTech in Mechanical Engineering (JSS Academy of Technical Education)
  • Total marks secured : 1041

Aniket Shandilya – Biography

In the fiercely competitive civil services examination, Aniket Shandilya has achieved All India Rank (AIR) 12 in the recently announced UPSC IAS 2023 final results on the 16th of April. His remarkable journey, from a determined aspirant to attaining the coveted top rank, is truly inspiring. The future aspirants of civil servants nationwide not only will be eager to learn more about his extraordinary success but also hope to draw inspiration and invaluable lessons from his remarkable voyage to the top rank.

Aniket Shandilya – UPSC Marksheet

Aniket Shandilya, originally from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, was born and raised in Orai, Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh.

He successfully secured an outstanding score of 1042 on his second attempt at UPSC CSE in 2023. He chose sociology as his optional and secured a total of 284 in that subject. Also, he secured a total of 826 in his mains and 215 in his personal interview.

Aniket Shandilya – Family Background

Aniket Shandliya, hailing from Jhansi Uttar Pradesh comes from a family of educational background.

Both his parents are teachers with his father being a vice principal in a government educational institution. The support from his family and his unwavering determination are something Aniket credits for his ultimate success in the UPSC CSE.

Aniket Shandilya – Educational Background

  • He attended Christ the King College in Jhansi for his schooling.
  • Later he attended Maheshwari Public School in Kota for his intermediate education.
  • He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from JSS Academy of Technical Education, affiliated with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University in Uttar Pradesh.

His educational background speaks volumes of his diligence and mental cognizance which ultimately reflected in his becoming an IAS officer with AIR 12.

Aniket Shandilya – Work Experience

Aniket Shandliya cracked the UPSC in his 5th attempt. Shandilya started preparing for UPSC after his graduation and in 2019 he made his first attempt. He missed qualifying for the prelims with just a few marks. He then continued his preparation. Somewhere, in between his third attempt and fourth attempt he secured a job in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Aniket Shandliya – Hobbies and Interests

Like a lot of UPSC aspirants in the country, Aniket also practises Yoga and meditation to keep him focused on his goals. His hobbies include watching nature and wildlife documentaries, reading non fiction books etc.

Aniket Shandilya – UPSC Preparation And Strategy

Aniket Shandilya started preparing for UPSC in 2019. On his first attempt, he failed to qualify for the prelims by a few marks. He then continued his preparation, learning from every failed attempt. He cracked the UPSC CSE with AIR 12 in his fifth attempt.

As preparation goes, Aniket followed a dedicated study plan meticulously covering every nook and corner of the syllabus. He diligently followed his study routine and effectively cracked the civil service exam this year with a staggering rank of 12 on an all-India basis. Also, he secured a total of 826 in his mains and 215 in his personal interview.

Aniket Shandilya – Optional Paper

As for optional paper, he chose sociology as his optional and secured a total of 284 in that subject.

Aniket Shandilya – Success Story

After a series of unsuccessful attempts, Aniket Shandliya finally succeeded in cracking UPSC CSE in his fifth attempt.

With a total of 1042 marks and a rank of 12 on the all-India basis, Aniket proved with unyielding determination no dream is beyond reach.

On his success, he said, if one starts to put his efforts into something he can’t stop until he achieves his goal. His unwavering determination and perseverance are an inspiration to many UPSC aspirants of the future in their journey.

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