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Kush Motwani: Rank 11 UPSC Topper 2023

Everything you need to know about UPSC Topper Kush Motwani – AIR 11 UPSC Topper 2023

  • Name : Kush Motwani
  • Hometown/City : Thane, Maharashtra
  • Roll Number : 6500593
  • Year of Appearance – 2023
  • Attempts : Second (2nd)
  • Optional subject : Mathematics
  • Age : 29 years
  • Graduated in : BTech in ElectricalEngineering (IIT Bombay)
  • Total marks secured : 1042

Kush Motwani -Biography

Hailing from Thane, Mumbai, Kush Motwani, a 29-year-old boy made history by becoming one of the UPSC Toppers of this year. He scored an eleventh position in the UPSC CSE 2023.

Kush, an IITian of Bombay graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s in the subject of Communication and Signal Tracking. This showed that his prolific educational foundation and work experience have particularly placed him to get an apt position in the UPSC CSE, where he could endeavour to make a significant contribution to the public service.

Kush Motwani – Family Background

Kush Motwani hailing from Thane, Maharashtra, belongs to a family with a strong educational background.

  • His father himself is an Electrical Engineer, working in F5, Inc. Previously he served in Reliance Communications as well as in Indian Telecom Services.
  • As for his mother, she is a homemaker.

His background especially of his father answers Motwani’s inspiration of doing his graduation in Electrical Engineering. More so the support he got from his family for his IAS journey is a testimony of trust and encouragement which ultimately facilitated him in cracking the venerated UPSC CSE 2023.

Kush Motwani – Educational Background

Born and raised in Thane, Maharashtra, Kush commenced his academic journey at IIT Mumbai. There, he earned his BSc in Electrical Engineering and MSc in Communications and Signal Processing (Electrical Engineering).

Post-graduation, Kush gained valuable experience by working for over 2.5 years at the Xerox Research Center in India, where he was a member of the machine learning and optimization team.

Kush Motwani – Work Experience

he served as a member of the Machine Learning and Optimization team at the Xerox Research Center in India for approximately 2.5 years.

Additionally, he attempted the UPSC examination for Corporate Legal Services in India on his first try. Although Kush scored 201 marks in the UPSC Interview 2022, his performance in the written exams for the UPSC Civil Service exam 2023 fell short of expectations.

Kush Motwani – Optional and Preparation Strategy

Kush Motwani the UPSC CSE topper of this year, securing a staggering 11th rank made himself a source of motivation to the millions of aspirants of the UPSC exam.

Motwani, Who holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering started preparing for UPSC after quitting his job as a member of the Machine Learning and Optimization team at the Xerox Research Center in India. He made two attempts at UPSC CSE and finally succeeded in his second attempt with a score of 1042.

Kush Motwani – Optional Papers

As for optional, Kush chose mathematics. His choosing of the subject as an optional showcases his deep understanding of the subject which he acquired during the time of his engineering.

Kush Motwani – Success Story

Kush Motwani the holder of AIR 11 finally made it through the coveted UPSC CSE of 2023. This year’s attempt at UPSC was the second one. He previously attempted for the UPSC CSE but did not get his rank of desire. So he attempted again in this civil service examination and secured an 11th rank on an all-India basis.

After becoming an IAS, he expressed his desire to work for the society and make a difference in the lives of the marginalized sections of the society.

Kush Motwani – UPSC Marksheet

Kush secured a total of 1042 marks in the UPSC CSE of 2023.

His marks in the UPSC mains were 838 with his marks in the personal interview being 208. Motwani who cracked UPSC in his second attempt proved through his diligence and unwavering determination in making his dream come true.

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