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Yojana Magazine – Must have an arrow in your quiver

Yojana Magazine is a must-read UPSC study material if you are preparing for UPSC exams. It’s a very credible study material that you can get for free. This magazine is published by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the Government of India.

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Download Yojana Magazine PDF – Hindi

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What it covers:

Yojana is a monthly published magazine on socio-economic issues. This magazine covers a good amount of UPSC syllabus especially for Mains General Studies and this is also advised by the UPSC board. You could also download the Monthly Yojana Magazine PDF version from the link below.

Availability in multiple languages

Yojana Magazine is also available in regional languages apart from Hindi, English and Urdu. An online subscription is also available for the users. This magazine delivers high-quality data and it also represents the government’s point of view on many socio-economic issues.

This magazine comprises data points which are trustworthy. Thus, it becomes important for a UPSC aspirant to read this magazine. You could also quote this magazine as a credible source in your exams. It gives more credibility to your answers and it’s also recommended because this magazine is published by the Ministry of broadcasting and it’s monthly published magazine.

The Credibility of Yojana Magazine

This Magazine has a different Indian centric theme in every publication. Topics of the magazines are analyzed by various people from varying backgrounds and all of them give a data-backed logical convincing perspective.

This magazine helps you understand the sharp and intellectual insight on any social-economic topic and backs you up with the data as well. Only quoting data is not enough in the Civil Services exam. Therefore, you also need to understand the tone and context of the magazine as well.

Why is Yojana Magazine a better choice for every IAS aspirant?

Low prices, credible source, availability in multi-language, balanced and detailed topics give Yojana Magazine an edge over other magazines. Yojana Magazine is a must-read magazine for all UPSC aspirants. Test series also includes the questions from this magazine. You could also download Yojana magazine in Hindi and Yojana Magazine in English for free.

But, a better way to approach this magazine is to read the previous years questions first. Reading previous years questions will give you an insight into how questions are framed in the context of this magazine. And how you could answer them. You’d see most of the General Studies questions can be answered with the help of this magazine.

What are the Key Reads in Yojana Magazine

  • Initiatives, taken by the government ( GS -II Syllabus)
  • Any topic on Indian Economics (GS-III Syllabus)
  • All data backed insights & the tonality of the topic

How you should read Yojana Magazine

Reading this magazine is not just enough. What to read in it is also a thing to consider. The first logical step is to first understand the topic and then go through headings and subheadings of it.

You also need to go through key-words, any bulleted and highlighted points. In the later part, you can also read the opinions of various bureaucrats from different backgrounds.

In a nutshell, below is the strategy to read this monthly magazine:

  • Identify a topic first
  • Go through Headings & subheadings
  • Go after keywords
  • Understand the totality of the context before jumping to any conclusion
  • Read it many times

Special instructions: You should read 6 to 10 months magazine for your UPSC attempt. If your UPSC mains paper is due in September then you should probably read all the volume of Yojana Magazine starting from March.

This Magazine also helps you prepare for your prelims and interview along with Mains. Many objective questions in prelims are asked from this magazine so if you read it carefully then you’d be able to answer those questions successfully.

Interviews are mainly current affairs and thus this magazine is a true source of current affairs, this helps a lot of students.

What not to do while reading Yojana Magazine:

Since the UPSC syllabus is vast and you also need to focus on other topics. You need to derive a strategy on what you should read and what you should not read. This doesn’t apply only for this magazine but to the overall syllabus. Many IAS aspirants make the mistakes of reading everything and they tend to miss something important.

  • Avoid non-communicable diseases vs India’s development
  • Avoid over-emphasized topics
  • Locations – where technology is implemented first
  • Any unrelated topics

The more you read this magazine, the more beneficial it would be. Keeping a copy of this magazine even if you are travelling is a good way. Soft copies are a good way to carry study materials.

To ease your access to Yojana Magazine, we have made a repository of all the volumes here on our website. Please click the link below to access free Yojana magazine pdf.

Top Frequently asked questions about Yojana Magazine:

Question 1 – Is Yojana Magazine available in Hindi?

Answer – Yes, the Yojana Magazine Hindi version is also available. Apart from Hindi, this magazine is also available in English, Punjabi, Gujarati and many other regional languages.

Questions 2- What is the Yojana magazine Price?

Answer – Yojana magazine price is Rs.10 Per Copy but if you wish to download the Yojana magazine for free in English or Hindi then download link is given below. Some students enjoy reading hard copies of books. You can purchase it offline also. The easiest way to go out and buy it from a local book store but you could also purchase it on Amazon and Flipkart.

Question 2 – How to subscribe to Yojana Magazine online?

Answer – You can buy a Yojana Magazine subscription from bharkosh.gov.in. One year’s price of Yojana Magazine Subscription is Rs. 230.

Steps to buy :

  1. Click on the below link https://bharatkosh.gov.in/Product/ProductDetails/1/1/PD/Yojana
  1. Select the language, Country, number of years and Quantity of Magazine. Click on the Add to cart and then checkout button
 Yojana Magazine subscription Step -1
  1. Check your order items and click on ‘Place Order’
 Yojana Magazine subscription Step -2
  1. Fill all the required details
 Yojana Magazine subscription Step -3
  1. Enter the billing address
  2. Make the payment online for a successful purchase.

Question 3 – How can I get Yojana Magazine for free?

Answer – You can Download Yojana Magazine PDF for free. There are a lot of websites that provide this magazine for free. You can download the magazine from our website as well. The links are given below.

Questions 4: How can I buy Yojana Magazine offline?

Answer – You can buy Yojana from any book store. This magazine is easily available in local book shops as well. If you don’t wish to waste your time by visiting the local market then buying it on Amazon or Flipkart is also an option available for you.

Question 5: Is Yojana a monthly magazine?

Answer – Yes, Yojana is published monthly in various languages including Hindi, English, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc. This magazine is published by the Ministry of Information and broadcasting.

Question 6: What is the name of the Yojana Magazine website?

Answer – The official website for Yojana is http://yojana.gov.in/ and https://bharatkosh.gov.in/ Here you could buy the subscription as well.

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