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10 Facts About IAS Coaching That You Never Know

Every year many aspirants attempt for Civil Services Exam in India. Every aspirant has a dream to crack the IAS exam as IAS is the most reputed exam but very few get selected finally for Civil Services. The Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is the toughest exam in India. IAS coaching plays a very important role in helping students who are preparing for the IAS exam. There are a lot of IAS coachings today but it’s important to choose the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore. Most students are confused about which IAS coaching is best and where to study. Success depends on the right guidance so it’s important to research before choosing the best coaching for IAS. Many students got confused about whether it is really necessary to join IAS coaching. So aspirants should know the 10 facts about IAS coachings when they are going to join for IAS preparation.

Here I am with 10 facts about IAS coaching that you might never knew before.

#1. Every Branch is not up to the mark

Suppose you are willing to join an IAS coaching in a small town and search for Best IAS coaching and seems you are lucky that a very big brand of IAS coaching has a branch in your small town. What will you do? Will you Join immediately? Wait for a while, there is an IAS coaching fact that, All branches of a coaching institute are supposed to never provide you the same quality in teaching as the main branch.There is always a variation in service based on some factors. It may be less competent faculty with fewer exposure or may be infrastructure.

#2. Cheap is not always best

always remember quality has its own cost. If you are looking for the best IAS coaching in your city, while you search you might find some coaching cheaper than others. The IAS coaching fact is if coaching is available for a cheaper price than others, in this case, you might have to compromise in some important areas. Maybe they offer shorter coaching duration, quality of faculty might be compromised there or maybe they have Insufficient infrastructure.

#3. Demo

The next IAS coaching fact found in our research is DEMO. While searching for best IAS coaching, Aspirants gets introduced with DEMO of coaching. Demo is a very important part of the coaching selection procedure. This interactive session with coaching leads to finalizing that continuation or search for the next. Demo sessions generally introduce you to their best team of faculty. The faculty starts with their short introduction followed by a lecture. But, Here did you feel something was missing during the Demo which you should really know. Yes, there are many things missing from Demo. Most of the Coachings never discuss with you about a detailed syllabus, schedule to cover all topics. A separate number of sessions, their revision pattern, etc. Faculty directly starts teaching you chapters in Demo which would be counted in regular sessions later. Some time in Demo faculty teaches you a topic of their strongest hold to impress you and eventually get success in it.

Additionally, a lot of coachings appoint famous highly paid faculty for Demo sessions only, they cover fewer topics for every batch and later coachings introduce less experienced or incompetent or cheaper faculty as subject matter experts and engage their star faculty into demo sessions for upcoming batches to attract new aspirants.

#4. Crash Course

As IAS is one of the toughest exams and contains a very wide syllabus to cover, it is quite obvious that a deep and long, and continuous study is required to clear the IAS exam. While searching for the Best IAS coaching you might be introduced to advertisements of crash courses offered by coachings. But wait, is it worth it? This is an IAS coaching fact that it may be NOT worth it because of the wide syllabus and it is almost not possible to cover all topics within a short period of few months. It’s just a waste of time and money if you directly choose a crash course without deep study.

#5. Prelim and Mains

Another IAS coaching fact is most Institutes pretend Prelims and Mains as entirely different in terms of the syllabus. But you might be surprised that many topics are the same in Prelim and Main exams. It tends to lead to a money-making process by most of the coaches in the name of separate preparation for prelims and main exams. So Next time when you search for the Best IAS coaching don’t forget to enquire about the Prelim and Mains syllabus.

#6. Mob Mentality

While searching for the Best coaching for IAS never follow mob mentality. Why do you want to join a coach? Just because your friend did, Your elders did. Be sure all the features and qualities you require in an IAS coaching, are present in the coaching, never join coaching because your friend, sibling, or known did.

#7. Rapid Expansions by Major Coaching

Rather than focused teaching- While searching, If a well-known brand you prefer is Best coaching for IAS and you find them expanding in other than their expertise then it’s time to be alert. For example, if a coach has expertise in IAS coaching and now if they expand their business in other fields like CAT coaching, IIT coaching, etc. then this might be possible that their focus will distract in other fields and distract their expertise. So guys you should perform well research about their strategies of expansion before you join them. This is a dangerous fact of IAS Coaching.

#8. Show-offs by Coaching

While searching for the Best IAS coaching you might face this situation. Many coachings adopted a strategy for Show-offs. Never trapped in High-Class Infrastructure, Claim of Ranked No. 1, Events, etc. These activities required Money.

How will they recover this extra amount they spend? Obviously, it’s you. These expenditures are a reason for extra and unnecessary money charged from students. So Avoid such coaching.

#9. Who is the “Poster Boy”

Let’s have a situation, You are watching TV and a Big celebrity from Bollywood or Sports advertise for An IAS coaching. Should you go with that just because a celebrity advertises for it? Wait, These celebrities charge too high for an Advertisement and they have nothing to do with coachings specialties and actual qualities. Although if coaching is advertised with their Faculty team who is going to teach you in actual. Then you might go with it. Because if a coach has a competent faculty team and they use it to advertise coaching, then it’s a chance to get introduced to their faculty team before joining them, it’s an opportunity for you.

#10 . Discount Trap

Some coaching advertised with huge discounts. It sounds attractive to get a discount and everyone wants to grab this opportunity to get a discount. Does it really work?

Sometimes Coachings offer aspirants a huge discount, here coachings make quality compromises, How?

One way to recover discounts, coaches pay less to faculty. It’s a trend to pay faculty on an hourly basis, here they compromise with lecture hours duration to teach. Faculties have lesser time to cover the complete syllabus.

Another way is that Coaching offers some fee discount in terms of a referral bonus to their current students or ex-students as a cash reward if they refer some new students to coaching. For everyone it’s the easiest way to refer to their known individuals and they will tell you benefits to join that particular coaching but never believe them blindly. Make fresh research before investing your time and money in referred coaching.

Always seek for a genuine discount, if you found some extra ordinary discount be aware of that.

So guys while searching for the Best IAS coaching please be sure with these IAS coaching facts. Because once you invest your precious time and money it will cost you huge if you made a wrong choice while selecting IAS coaching. Coaching will never advertise or discuss these facts with you. You have to spend some time and research these facts before joining IAS coaching, these facts are really helpful for an IAS aspirant in many ways.