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Which Wall Paint Colors Can You Use?

Just the way we understand individual differences, we should also respect these differences in different spaces of our home. Each room has a specific purpose which is different from the purpose of other room.

This is why, each room should have different interiors, however, it should still be connected in a subtle way.

Therefore we must plan a suitable color scheme for our home for which it is important for us to understand some important tips about different colors:


White is the most commonly used colors for the walls because it is known to be associated with peace and hence it spreads a calm atmosphere. When you use white, decide which shade of white suits your interiors the most. There are plenty of room color combinations and color schemes surrounding whites.

Some of the popular shades are pearl white, pure white, off white, etc. You can also combine this with different hues of blue, yellow or red or rust. With complete white, you must have a classy décor else your interiors will give a feel of a hospital like an environment.


Black is a favorite of most of the people and it is a bold color. So when you use black in your color scheme, make sure to have minimal use of it. Since it is a dominant color it will rule the scheme and overpower the rest of the pattern or space.

Hence, using it smartly is very important else your interiors will get spoilt. You can also use it in shades of grey and silver if you want to use it more than what proportion allows. It is mainly used to create a focal point in the room. These are popular shades of black which create a contemporary appeal in a very stylish way.


This is known to have a cool effect and has ample uses and room color ideas. It changes the mood and calms you down to give you a relaxed feel. Blue looks exceptionally good if used in textures on a single wall of the room. Some of the popular shades of blue are aqua, royal blue, sky blue, and turquoise.


Lighter shades of yellow are mainly popular in buildings where small spaces have to be covered in a uniform shade. And darker shades of yellow are used to paint themed walls of the ceiling in a lesser amount. It is known to give life to designs as it is associated with sunshine and hence creates a cheerful atmosphere.

It can also be combined with most of the other colors in the color scheme and has been much in use in contemporary times, however, traditionally is was mainly used a dull golden in wall arts, POPs and ceiling arts.


Green is a color most of the people easily relate to. It is color of growth and fertility which is directly found in nature and like yellow it is also considered as a good omen in societies like India. Green can easily be combined with any other color to create an amazing color scheme.

Proportionate use of each color is very important to make any color scheme stand out and suit the environment. Care should be taken that the wall paint suits the rest of the décor including the woodwork and the trims.