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UPSC Topper 2019 Rank 4th Himanshu Jain – Success Story

Himanshu Jain IAS – UPSC CSE 2019 All India Rank 4th Shares his UPSC Preparation Strategy how he topped the UPSC Exam 2019.

Dreams always seem impossible till you chase them and make them come true. We all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve. Sometimes we lose hope and give up, but the people who chase after their goals, and work for them always get success.

Today we are going to talk about Himanshu Jain IAS, who did not give up on his dream of becoming an IAS officer. He was not able to clear UPSC in his first attempt, and failed in the preliminary exam in 2018. That did not stop him from chasing after his goal.

Himanshu worked harder and learned from his mistakes. He was in for a surprise when he learned that he had not just cleared the exam but topped it, with All India Rank 4th. It is important that we talk about what motivated him to reach his goal. He is an inspiration to a lot of aspirants applying for the UPSC exam.

Biography of Himanshu Jain IAS & His Family background

Himanshu hails from Hodal village in Palwal district of Haryana and is 24 years old. He completed his class eighth from Hodal. Himanshu, further completed his high school in Delhi from class ninth. He was only fifteen years old when he moved to Delhi and stayed with his family in Shahdara.

Himanshu’s father, Sachin Jain owns a shop in Delhi. His mother, Ritu Jain is a homemaker. He completed graduation in Economic Honours from Hansraj College, Delhi University. Himanshu has always been a sharp student. He made his family really proud, when he scored 96.4% in the Class XII board exams, while at Lovely Public School, Laxmi Nagar.

Himanshu shared that he failed in his first attempt as he had not properly prepared for the UPSC exam. IAS Aspirants can achieve this goal with a little dedication and hard work.

Himanshu Jain IAS Journey to become topper in UPSC

UPSC is an amazing platform to show your potential. If you have a passion to be an IAS officer and work hard for it, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. At the end of the day remember that the end goal is to serve the nation, so give it all you have

Himanshu always had the dream of being an IAS officer. He started preparing for the UPSC exams after completing graduation. His dream was to secure a top rank, he fulfilled his dream with his passion. The best part was that his family members believed in him. It was his grandfather’s dream that he should become an IAS officer.

The most special moment for Himanshu was when the UPSC 2019 results came in. His father was sick and got discharged from the hospital just on the day the results were announced. Hearing that his brilliant son had topped the UPSC exam was the best news he could receive. Who would not be proud of their children dreaming big and making sure they achieve them?

Parents love and cherish their children, no matter what. Himanshu has always made them proud. Himanshu shared that he is interested in the field of education. He believes that literacy is most important, especially for underprivileged children. He hopes to work for these children and help them get the education.

Himanshu got success because he has been disciplined and consistent in his study schedule. He shared that the UPSC paper is entirely based on the current affairs. It is important to know everything about the latest news and events happening. Since, as an IAS officer, you get to solve those problems for the country.

Himanshu Singh IAS Strategy To Become A Topper

Himanshu was so passionate about his dream that he did not let anything come in the way of his dream. He kept his personal life aside and focused on his goal. Himanshu dedicated his time to prepare for the UPSC exam.

Himanshu shared an important strategy that he used for the preparation for UPSC 2019. Aspirants should use limited resources and do indefinite revisions. UPSC syllabus is vast and needs a strategy to cover all the areas.

He shared his strategy in which he said that the preparation for UPSC is mainly Mains oriented. IAS Aspirants should give 50 to 60 days to prepare for preliminary exams. The preparation for the Mains exam needs to be strong, especially for the optional subject.

We are going to tell you about some of the books he studied to prepare for his Mains exam. NCERT Books from class 6 to 12th, Laxmikanth ( for politics ), and Spectrum ( for history ).

Himanshu also shared a major strategy that helped him clear the UPSC exam. He kept himself updated with government websites, government information channels, PIB, publications, and annual reports. This helped him have a clarity on the actual and the factual information.

Himanshu consistently read newspapers and followed government websites to stay updated with Current affairs. He also shared that aspirants should focus on the syllabus for GS. Aspirants should read everything about the keywords and terms present in the syllabus.

For general studies, Himanshu shared that aspirants should focus only on terms in the syllabus. Aspirants should search for related articles, and information related to the terms given in the syllabus. There are many authentic government sites that help aspirants in writing answers. His strong knowledge of Current affairs helped him a lot in being a topper in the UPSC exam.

Frequently Asked Questions About IAS Himanshu Jain

Question 1- What is Himanshu Jain’s strategy to become a topper in the UPSC exam?

Answer – Himanshu Jain IAS worked on the below strategy to top the UPSC Exam 2019.

  • He studies NCERT coursework books of class 10 and 12, and revise.
  • Keep yourself updated with current affairs and the latest news.
  • Use limited resources but revise them regularly.
  • Read Lakshmikant for polity, and Spectrum’s modern history.
  • Focus on optional subjects more, it will help you in mains.
  • Go through any newspaper daily. , Make it a routine.
  • Eat healthy food and take care of your health.

Question 2 – What is IAS Himanshu Jain’s Rank in the UPSC exam.

Answer – Himanshu Jain passed the UPSC exam 2019 with AIR 4 Rank in the exam out of the 829 UPSC Candidates

Question 3 – What is the age of Himanshu Jain?

Answer – Himanshu jain is 24 years old at the time he qualified the UPSC Exam 2019.

Question 4 – Himanshu Jain is interested in joining which cadre?

Answer – Himanshu Jain is interested in joining the Haryana cadre since he is familiar with the issues of the state.

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