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Top 20 Highest Salary Paying Jobs in India 2023

India is a vast country with a very large population. There is a huge opportunity for a skilled workforce. A skilled workforce is always in demand as per market conditions. Companies are ready to pay, “As you wish” kind of salary amount if the company found you eligible and deserving for a job. Youth can focus on any career stream while having concerned Education, skillset, and experience. Once a person fulfills all these basic requirements, he can get a huge salary. Here we are listing out the top 20 Highest Salary Paying Jobs in India which can give you a handsome amount per month.

List of Highest Salary Paying Jobs In India

In this article, we are talking about the top 20 Highest Salary paying jobs in India. These are the most demanding jobs in India 2023, and some of the very best that you can ever get to know!

#1. Managing Director / VP

This profile has been considered as the top-level Job profile ( highest salary paying Jobs in India ) as all major decision-makers are Managing Director and Vice Presidents of the Company. All the strategic decisions are to be finalized by the Managing Director and Vice Presidents. MD and VPs can be founders, financiers, major stakeholders of the company. In India salary of MD and VPs are about to start with around 40,00,000 INR up to Crores and benefits extra. So we can Say This Job role is the most powerful and influential in nature.


The “C” Team profiles have been considered as the highest salary paying Jobs in India. The profiles like Chief Financial/Technical/Executive/Operating Officer are the key profiles of the company. All the vision and Mission set by the Owner, VPs and MDs are to be executed by these “C” Team of companies. These are responsible for growth and expansion of the company. Implementation of the strategic decisions are to be done by the “C” Team. “C” Team can be financiers, major stakeholders, Partners of the company. In India salaries of “C” Team are about to start with around 25,00,000 INR up to Crores and benefits extra. So we can Say These Job roles are powerful and influential in nature.

#3. Business Consultants

Business Consultants have been considered as the key profiles for any Business. B.C is responsible to provide various analyses including Resources, operational issues, etc. In India salary range of Business Consultants are about to start with around 20,00,000 INR upto Crores and benefits extra (if offered). This Profile is under high demand in the corporate world.

#4. Business Management

Business Management profiles are the top level Executives (General manager, Senior Manager, Manager, Unit head etc.) of the operational team for any company. BM profiles have been considered as the key profiles for any Business. All the Executions of Business plans set by Top leads at any Business unit or facility. In India salary range of BMs vary from few lakhs to upto Crores depending upon experience and profile . This Profile is under high demand in the corporate world.

#5. Doctor and Surgeons

Doctor and Surgeons are one of the most reputed professions in the World. In India these profiles are tough to achieve but once you are in the Doctor and Surgeons club then there is a lot of money to be earned. Being a well-known doctor or Surgeon you can earn a daily income of up to lakhs of Rupees in India.

#6. Engineer

Engineers are always in demand. There is no manufacturing business without Engineers. IT, Manufacturing, Innovation and research required engineering background for their core profiles. These days the Medical sector also requires Engineers to develop a sustainable and effective and technology driven Medical facility. Salary range starts with average 50,000 INR and reaches upto Lakhs or even crores depending upon education and experience of engineer. Engineering is an evergreen profession but education (Engineering College from where to obtain Engineering Degree) plays a very important role to get a job and growth later.

#7. Chartered Accountant / Auditors

Chartered Accountant / Auditors are neche profiles to be found. C A are responsible to handle all tax, investment and finance-related jobs for a company. Becoming a Chartered Accountant is very tough, a national level competition has to be clear to be a Chartered Accountant. Once you clear the Chartered Accountant exam and become a Chartered Accountant then corporates will come to you, you need not go anywhere. Companies pay multi lakhs rupees as salary and even offer incentives for specific tasks based on the worth of tasks performed by Chartered Accountants.

#8. Stock Brokers

There are two stock exchanges in India. All the stock trading has been done through Stockbrokers. A multi lakhs crores transaction has been executed on daily basis by these Brokers on behalf of investors into the stock exchange. There is a fixed commission amount that has been given to brokers in every sale & purchase of stocks. You can start your career as a stockbroker bypassing some exams set by Exchange authorities and can have the growth of owning a stock brokerage firm that trades a huge amount on a daily basis and earn a big commission over it.

#9. Pilot

The pilot is a very attractive Job profile, this profile is especially for those who love challenges and adventure in their profession. There are very tough criteria to become a pilot. Formal Education, Physical and mental health plays an important role and yes, costly pilot training is also a necessity to become a Professional Pilot. It offers a high Salary package that continuously increases with the increase in the flying experience.

#10. Actors

There are many platforms in India for actors. Film Industry, Theater, TV serials, advertisements, OTT, radio, etc are major platforms where an actor performs and earns a huge amount as salary. Top actors charge up to crores for every project.

#11. Corporate lawyers

Corporate Lawyers are important team members these days in the Indian Corporate world. Every company is expanding their business rapidly, sometimes they have to face legal issues in this fastest changing and growing corporate world. Corporate lawyers are responsible to tackle all the legal issues faced by companies. Companies are used to paying a huge amount to corporate lawyers as salary and fees.

#12. Auditors

The Auditor profile is similar to the Chartered Accountant profile in some contexts. As per government norms, Audit has been compulsory to be done by every registered company, or organization. Auditors are also in high demand in India. Companies pay a huge amount to auditors / Audit firms to manage their company accounts.

#13. Chef

Chefs are the backbone of Hotels and restaurant businesses. They are responsible to serve their best in terms of healthy and safe food to their clients. Most of the reputed hotels and Restaurants want to hire a chef with zero defect skills at a very high salary and even some hotels and Restaurants are used to paying other benefits too other than salary. So becoming a chef in India can be a good choice of career. it comes in the top 20 highest salary paying Jobs in India.

#14. Scientist

Scientists are involved in Research and innovation work for Industry. In India, there is a huge demand for scientists in both the government and private sectors. If you are interested in research and innovation work then this profile suits you the most. A good salary with a reputation in society waits for you if you choose this profile as a career.

#15. System Solution Architect

A system solutions architect is a key employee of an organization who is responsible for evaluating the business needs and examining how Information Technology can assist the organization’s business needs leveraging the infrastructure, software or hardware. A System Solution Architect directly works with top management and is involved in process development. A system solution architect is an experienced IT professional who is expert in his skills. This is the reason that companies are willing to pay a high salary package and powerful position to A system solution architect

#16. Database Administrator

All the data has been managed by Database Administrator in the back-end system. These are the IT professionals who play a very important role in any company because accurate and aligned data is the only factor that leads a business to new highs and extreme lows like hell. Database Administrator is one of the most required profiles so choosing this profile as a career is a benefit in terms of growth and income.

#17. Sales / Marketing

A company without proper Sales / Marketing is a waste of effort. Every industry, every company needs proper, planned, and perfect timely Sales / Marketing activities to sell their product or service. Marketing is the part where top management strategically decides what you have to do to sell your product and service where the sales team executes these decisions into the field via how to sell the product or service. The sales / Marketing team ensures the success of the product or service in the market. Failure of proper sales and marketing approach is the biggest reason behind reaching up to the end-user with your product or service. Sales / Marketing is a very important profile for every company. There is a huge gap between demand and supply for this profile. Your skills and command over sales/marketing decide your growth and salary on this profile.

#18. Investment Bankers

Suppose you have a decent amount of money but if you don’t have a proper investment plan you can raise your money as it should grow. Investment bankers help you to manage your funds, grow it and make you wealthy as it should be.

Most of the companies, Senior Executives, Businessmen, etc took the service of investment bankers to manage their funds. Now demand for investment bankers is rapidly increasing and companies/individuals are ready to pay huge incentives/commissions to investment bankers.

#19. Ethical Hackers

This is the era of digitalization worldwide. The use of the internet is everywhere in every sector of business. all the data and money transfer and stored digitally. Secure this data and money is a big challenge these days. companies use secure channels to store and transmit their data, there is always a risk of misuse, being stolen is associated with it. To secure all this data and to find out possible safety threats, companies hire Ethical Hackers. In this way, Ethical hackers are in huge demand. Companies want to secure their data at any cost, which makes this profession unbeatable and the profession of the future.

#20. Media Professionals

Media is known as the fourth pillar of our democracy. This statement shows the importance of the Media itself. The media profession is defined by characteristics like social responsibility, dignity, passion, extrovert personality, daring, leadership quality. Media professionals have a reputation and fame in society. This can be a good career choice in terms of Name, Fame, and Money. this is also considered as highest salary paying Jobs in India.

These job profiles are the best in the market with huge income. Although earning money is not such an easy task. Getting a dream job is a big achievement, eventually sustaining and growing within the mainstream is a different thing. Knowledge, skills, and passion combinedly work behind a successful career. every job has a great chance of growth you just need to focus and dedication to it. In India salaries and benefits of this job, profiles are continuously rising every year.

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