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Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science Preparation Strategy for UPSC Exam 2023


Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is a central agency in India that conducts exams like Civil Services to evaluate the candidates for defense & Civil services.

UPSC allows the candidates to choose their topics of interest to conduct Civil Services exams. Candidates apply on the basis of their favorite subject (optional) and prepare the syllabus to appear in the exam.

Importance of Choosing a Good Subject:

This is very important to choose the best optional subject for the UPSC exam because it overall strengthens one’s final evaluation of the exam. If a person chooses a subject relevant to his graduation or previous degree, he will surely get the benefit of his degree. That’s why, always be wise to choose the optional subject.

In this article, I’ll focus only on Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Sciences as an optional exam and which strategies should we apply to prepare.

AHVS Optional for UPSC Exam

Animal Husbandry & Science is the branch of agricultural sciences that covers the physiological study of animals, their treatments and prevention from diseases. This is the basic and highly specialized course for the Civil Services Exam’s candidates.

Who Can Choose AHVS Optional?

UPSC has not limited any criteria but not all candidates can clear this exam. This optional exam can be cleared easily for those who have a strong background related to medicine and veterinary sciences.

Important Topics of AHVS:

There are following topics that are necessary to go through:

  • Animal Physiology
  • Animal Reproduction
  • Energy protein Interrelationship
  • Animal Genetics
  • Animal Breeding
  • Feeding and management of animals
  • Animals care in drought


  • This is a high scoring subject from the UPSC exam point of view.
  • Veterinary graduate’s candidates can prepare their previous college notes that have much more knowledge.
  • Medical professionals and doctors can score very high.


  • This optional subject does not have a lot of guidance for newbies who are not aware of this field and that don’t have any other option to choose.
  • Fewer faculties are available for this subject as this is not so popular at low level.
  • Less study material is available for the preparation of the UPSC test.
  • This field covers a huge number of topics, that’s why; a huge syllabus is time consuming for candidates.

Preparation Strategy for AHVS Optional:

As UPSC is conducted once a year, so mentally prepare yourself for a tough schedule to get your goal.as, Civil Services Exam is not an easy task to achieve, so its preparation with AHVS optional is more difficult and it is not possible to clear this exam in first attempt for less dedicated people but full dedication leads towards higher destinations.

Tips To Appear In UPSC Exam:

There are some tips that one can adapt to clear the UPSC exam.

#1. Firm Determination

Every candidate wants to work in Indian Government but the civil services exam is not a childish play so be prepared for any situation. If you are not successful in your first attempt, don’t lose hope and be determined.

#2. Cover The Whole Syllabus

This is the most important tip on how to learn the whole syllabus of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science. As, UPSC exam syllabus requires much time to complete the syllabus so make sure, you will cover each and everything related optional Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.

#3. Set a Time Table

Punctuality is the first thing to achieve something, to become a Civil Services officer, a strict time table is very necessary. Because. Almost 1 year with full dedication is required to score high. Try to make a precise time table, when you fully engage with your course.

#4. Make a Study Plan

Make a study plan along with your time table. You should know, in Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, which things you have to cover in particular time. Moreover, you can check different interviews of UPSC toppers, present on social media, how they succeeded and which strategy you should adopt.

#5. 5-Years Question Papers

Get 5-years question papers related to Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science to evaluate exam strategy and previous exam related questions so that you easily grasp the information of attempting a UPSC exam.

#6. Read Best Reference Books

A very important and highlighted able tip. Read best reference books to cover your syllabus. Try to reach out your previous teachers and friends who can recommend you best referee books available for Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science. There are the following books that you can read while choosing AHVS optional.

  • Animal Ecology and reproduction by Verma and Gupta
  • Medical Physiology by Guyton and Hall.
  • Principles of Animal Nutrition by DV Reddy.
  • Animal Husbandry By Gyan Deep Singh, Anmol Publishers
  • Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science- T.N. Palanivelu

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